Sticks and Stone’s

“Stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  I remember being told this so many times growing up and I’ve told it to my children as well.  Its so very true, you can’t let what others say to you bother you and know that its only their opinion and those words DO NOT define me or you.  At times those words hurt and its okay to feel that feeling but try your hardest to not let them suck you into believing they are true.

My mother recently said something to me the other day that really made me angry in that moment but later on, the more I thought about it the more it made me wonder if it was true.

Here is what went down, for my birthday she had bought me a jacket for my gift and I liked it and still do.  A few weeks later I wore it to her home to drop something off I picked up for her and she says to me “oh my, your coat is getting small already, I just bought that for you.”  I just stared at her like what did you just say to me?  I told her the jacket still fit great that maybe it was just her eyes and I said bye quickly and left.  I do not have time for you rude comments and I sometimes feel like she is jealous about how far I have come in my recovery and how I am proud of the way I look.  I often tell her when we are together that its so crazy how my body has changed since I had my first child to having my third.  She takes it as I am complaining I think and then tells me of all the things I can do it loose weight.  I told her “oh you missed understood me, I am proud of my tiger stripes and I wouldn’t change them for the world!” You see when I was at my lowest point in my eating disorder I weighted barley 95 pounds and my body was starting to shut down.  When I was at in-treatment Timothy and I had a meeting with one of my doctors and she had asked me what is one of my goals in life.  I took a moment and thought about it and I told her I wanted to be a mother so badly.  So looked me died in the eye and told me then I need to knock this shit off because my blood work shows that some organs are shutting down including my ovaries and its very unlikely that I will have children but there’s always hope.  It was in that moment that I told myself that I need to get my shit together and work with all the doctors and therapists.  So I love that my body has blessed me with my three wonderful children and I’m treating my body like a temple it is!

Love your bodies not mater what, its the only one you will ever get!

God Bless



Germs, Germs, Go Away

Sickness have hit the house in full force and it isn’t technically winter here in Wisconsin yet.  Even thought it looks and feels like it outside.  I was hoping this winter would be different and that everyone would be healthy but nope.

It all started out with the hubs getting Pneumonia a few weeks ago and thankfully he didn’t share that with me or the children but boy that was a tough, tough week.  It seemed like was a only a week or so and the daycare I help out at had Hand, Foot, and Mouth broke out and was spreading like wildfire and of course Josie was the last one in her class to get it and had it leading up to Thanksgiving.  But thankfully it was all scabbed over for Thanksgiving so we were able to join some family time.

Then over that weekend the Dominic started complaining that his head hurt and tummy hurt and all of the sudden he couldn’t turn his neck, strep throat bounced in to my head and sure enough when the hubs took him in on Monday, he was positive for strep throat.  Sadly, only a few days later little Robbie spiked a 103 degree temp yesterday while at day care and I took him in later that evening wanting to get strep confirmed or ruled out and he was positive too.  So needless to say I have been cleaning like a made women today, washing all the bedding and trying to find all the water bottles lips had touched. haha

It has been a crazy few weeks to say the least but I am thankful and grateful this is all happening before the busyness  of the holiday season kicks in which starts this weekend for us and every weekend after that!

Stay healthy my friends and God Bless



Body After Baby #3

My body after having baby number 3 has been so different.  To be honest I figured that my body would bounce back just like it did after my first child and second child.  It took some work to tighten everything up after my second child but nothing like it does now.  I am caring extra fluff you could say in different areas then I had with my boys and nothing is “melting” off.  I have been working out and moving my body for at least 30 minutes.  There has been a month or two where I didn’t do a workout but I moved my body so ya know that counts, at least in my books.  I’m not sure if things are different because I had a girl this time or what but man let me tell you, I really have to challenge me thinking when it comes towards my body.

I’ve grown to love my body over the years and become very grateful for all the wonderful and amazing things it can do like create a baby!  I find myself having to remind myself of this more often then I had to with the boys and I’m fine with that.  I would rather have that type of thinking and body positive thoughts then fall backwards and let that pain in the butt eating disorder rear its ugly head.

I keep reminding myself that if God or my body wants to have a little extra fluff to show off that I have created and carried 3 healthy babies to term then so be it and I will show it off proudly and try very hard not to worry about what other people think which has a lot to do with how we end up loving ourselves.  My other had bought my a jacket for my birthday back in the middle of November and she had the balls state the other day that my new jacket looks to be getting a little small around my mid section.  I looked at her just shocked and wanted to say something hurtful back to her but I didn’t and said oh it fits great thanks and decided to leave.  That type of person is a waste of my time and I don’t need that type of negative person in my life and neither do you!  Love yourself and all the wonderful things that you do and that your body does!!

God Bless


           SKINNY TIPS FOR STAY AT HOME MOMS.....It’s hard to lose weight when your entire kitchen is at your disposal 24 hours a day, here are a few tips that have helped me drop 150 lbs in under a year as a stay at home Mom.positive         


We did a thing!

I have some exciting news…….we have turned our farm into a actual functioning farm, we have animals, and are loving it!!

The first group of animals we were blessed were chickens.  This was out of the blue and happened within a weekend,  We thought about getting chickens and the hubs told me we needed to wait.  Well when my friend ad her husband ran into a problem they were having with the city found out they had chickens within the city limit they had to re-home them or they would get a fine and continue to get a fine until they did so.  So she had asked me knowing I wanted some and of course I screamed YES!!  I told her that I needed some help getting the chicken coop ready and she and I had it all ready within a day and we had the kids too.  They were running all around playing.   Talk about some girl power.  The next day they had dropped of the 10 ladies and 1 roaster and we all fell in love!!! 

We have 3 GOATS too!  There names are Eddie who is the biggest goat, Church who is medium size, and Cupcake who is the smallest and the only female.  Church and Cupcake are brother and sister.  We had purchased them all from the same Goat farm located in our home town and I have known the lady all my life.  She had posted on Facebook one day that she had some babies goats she was looking to sell by September and I begged and made deals with the husband for about a week tell he said yes.  This all happened before we took on the chickens.  We brought the goats home about two months after the chickens and I am in love.  The goats were all wined off their moms by September and we brought them home.  They are the funniest group ever and I look forward to them everyday.

About a month later or so after getting the Goats and chickens, I found a ad on craigslist about a local farmer who was wanted to sell some two pigs at a reasonable price.  We actually went to school with the farmers wife so that was a plus being able to see her and catch up with her and see all the neat animals on their farm.  I ran to the husband to show him the ad and before I could say anything else he had already agreed.  I have wanted a pig for as long as I could remember and i’m not sure why.  I didn’t grow up on a farm or anything so i’m not sure why.  They are brother and sister; Pig 1 and Pig 2.  I feel so blessed to have these animals and everyday I look forward to doing chores and watching them grow and getting to love on them.

God Bless



Josie’s big arrival

I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks since Josie has been born.  Some days it feels like it was just yesterday and other days it feels like she has been here for way longer.  Those are the days that have been rough with all three kids.

The night before we had Josie I barley slept at all and all the thoughts of “what ifs” came flying through my head and the biggest one was about Robbie.  What if Robbie doesn’t like her?  What if he acts out more or is jealous more?  Those thoughts were breaking me heart and I started to cry.  I made myself stop and think about something else like the look at Tim’s face when he see’s his daughter.  I remember the look on his face when both boys were born and I will never forget it.  With Dominic he cried and with Robbie he got the biggest look of happiness on his face.

When 4:00 am came around Monday morning we both climbed out of bed and rubbed my tummy for one last time and began to get dressed.  Tim flew down to load up the fire and make sure its all good for his mom and the boys.  Before I walked down the stairs I went in by both boys to give them a kiss and a whisper of “I’ll love you forever as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”.  We both freshened up and had my hospital bag of goodies and his hospital bag, the bobby, and car set all ready to go by the door and were just waiting for his mom who was running a little late.  She had offered to clean the house while watching Robbie and Dominic when he got home from school.  I was so happy that she had cleaned the house for me especially the shower, I hadn’t been able to clean that all because I barley fit it their to shower let along being able to clean it, so it needed some TLC.

We got on the road around 5:15 am and boy were the nervous starting to kick in.  There was a lot of self talk going on in my mind to keep myself cool and collected.  Good thing Tim had a lot to talk about because my self talk really wasn’t cutting it hahaha.  When we arrived at the hospital the realization that we were having our daughter today and would become a family of five really hit me in the face. We got off the elevator at the birthing center a little after 6:00 am and began the never ending paper work for the next 45 minutes.  After that first round of paper work was done we were shown our room and started another round of paper work and answering of questions.  After the paper work I got changed and the real fun started, I got the lovely IV put in for Pitocin other known as Pit and she turned it on.  I liked the nurse we had but she seemed a little fake for me but she was very sweet and kind.  It turned out we weren’t suppose to be their tell 6:30 so they weren’t really ready for us but I was told 6 am so I guess it still all worked out in the end.

Around 8:00 my awesome OB doctor came in and broke my water which is still the worst feeling in the world.  I felt like I peed my pants and every time I adjusted in bed whoosh more water would gush out, icky icky.  Breaking of the water helped so much and the increasing of Pitocin.

By 9:00 am the contractions were becoming real and I thought it would be nice, while I could, for us to walk around the birth center.  We made probably ten laps and each time we walked around the contractions become more and more.

**WOW, I totally forgot that I had started writing this post just 3 weeks after Josie had joined us.  I will continue on writing this post but now Josie is 9 months old. 

By 10:00 am I couldn’t take the pain anymore, just like labor with the boys I have horrible back labor and was behind my normal pain limit.  So I asked to have a epidural and he was busy so we waited.  We waited for an hour and half and he finally made it to the room.  By that point I have stood the entire time with Tim holding me upright.  At one point the pain was so bad that I felt like I was going to vomit and when I said it out loud because I truly felt like it was going to happen, Timothy let go of me and I almost fell over face first onto the floor.  Luckily the nurse was right their and she caught me.  We all started laughing and I said “what the hell?”.  His response was, “well I didn’t feel like getting dirty”.

By the time he came it was 11:30 am something and he was able to get the needle into the little spot on my spine  which I could barely sit still, the contractions were extremely painful.  After that I laid down finally and he gave me something to take the edge off, i guess i didn’t get the epidural medicine because it has to wait a half hour after the needle is inserted in your back, that was new to me.  So the nurse had asked how i was feeling and i said fine but I feel like her head is in my pelvic born.  Sure enough Josie was in the birth canal ready to be born.  By this time it was close to noon.  The nurse called doctor and another nurse came in and started to set up the room for my baby girls arrival.

By 12:00 am Josie Sharlene Stearns was born in my arms!  She weighed 9.5 pounds and 21 inches long and was sooo chunky.  The rest of the day after that was a blurr and I just snuggled Josie.  At one point I looked over to Timothy as I was pushing and he was watching her be born with a tear streaming down his face.  ❤


Thank You,

God Bless


Tuesdays Recipe is……..Carrot Chips

This yummy Carrot Chip recipe is to die for and it really helped with my carrot cravings.  I know a what a strange good to crave but anything carrot is up my alley and I crave them all day long.


  • Two 16 oz. bags of carrot chips/carrot coins
  • 1/2 cup (one stick) butter, melted
  • Garlic salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350*.
  2. Prepare 2 to 3 baking sheets with cooking spray or parchment paper.
  3. Rinse the carrots.

4.  Layer the carrot chips in rows, overlapping slightly.


5.  Pour the melted butter over the 2 or 3 pans of carrots.

6.  Sprinkle with garlic salt to taste.


7. Bake for 30 – 35 minutes, rotating pans in the oven at the 15 minute mark.

8. Bake the carrots more or less depending on the level of browning that you want.


~God Bless,



Breaks my Heart

Hello all, so last week while waiting for Dominic to finish up wrestling practice I took a walk down the hallways to help this baby along.  It clearly didn’t work but on my walk I came across this picture.

This photo is in the Middle School and we all know that Middle School is already an awkward and strange time for children.  There are so many changes going on with their bodies and for some communities that is when surrounding schools combined.  When I was growing up I had gone to this school and there are at least 3 schools that combine for Middle school and I remember it being stressful for me.  New people to meet, new friendships, and all that jazz.

To me this door bulletin board is doing more harm then it is doing good.  Its basically saying that getting sweets and maybe a few to many is going to cause you to grow a instant big belly.  That is setting children up to have a negative relation ship with their body and an over all poor body image.

There are so many different bulletin boards that could have been hung up instead of this one that would encourage getting more fruits and veggies or getting the body active or just a simple snowman waving to the children.   The options are endless and I found those three pictures using Pinterest in a matter of 10 minutes.  We wonder why so many children are developing a negative body image so young or Eating Disorders, this is way and it needs to stop ASAP.

christmas door decorating contest winners | We decorated our door with a snowman, and he really brightened up the ...

PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Nurse "winter" board 2014- stuffed snowman w/3 healthy habits

~God Bless,