Busy being the wood lady

Oh man what a busy last couple of weeks. I have been so busy I haven’t had the time or sadly the energy to blog and that makes me sad. I really enjoy blogging but heat and family come first. About 3 weeks ago my husband hurt is being loading up the wood stove which heats our house. He could barley walk and we needed more wood split and for the next two weeks which were going to be -degrees outside. I became the wood lady and let me tell you I’m over being the wood lady. Ever since we moved here to the farm I would get so jealous of Timothy being able to split wood and have all the quit time be himself. I am no longer jealous of him hahaha. It wasn’t that I couldn’t split wood because I can and I did and over the course of the three week I got really fast at doing it. I didn’t like how I couldn’t get the wedge just right in the log or the log CONSTANTLY tipping over onto it’s side. That become so irritating and it would take more time and time I didn’t really have.

Besides being the wood lady splitting the wood I also had to check the fire regularly and take care of all the chores inside the house and all the chores outside the house. I was still watching children during the day along with helping Timothy. There were times were I didn’t go to bed tell midnight, one o’clock because I was still taking care of things that I didn’t get to. Ugh it was so tough being two people and having ALL the responsibility on my shoulders but I’m so happy it happened. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I learned what it would be like to be by myself.

I’ve learned that I relay A LOT on Timothy and him dong all the “man chores” like taking care of the wood. That didn’t make me happy but after being the wood lady I now know I can being the wood lady again if needed. I haven’t fully stopped tending to the wood, Timothy and I do the wood together at night. Over the course of the last three weeks I really learned a lot from Timothy when he would come out with me in the evenings. I learned how to stack the wood good in the wood stove for it last all night. I’ve learned which wood is better to use during the night and which is better to use during the day. I’ve learned wet wood isn’t too good to use but it will get the job done as long as there are dry wood mixed in with it. Wet wood burns very, very fast.

I also was able to spend some time with my father in law. We were running out of wood and I had asked him to help me cut wood because I haven’t learned how to use a chain saw yet. I only know how to use a maul and a axe and I wasn’t about to ax down a tree let alone during winter haha. He came over a couple of days and cut down trees and I collected the wood. It was a great time, it brought back memories of helping my dad with collecting and stacking wood. I’m so happy I have this memory too!!!

Now that Timothys back is normal I’ll have more time to climb back on the blogging train.

Fresh Snow!

~God Bless



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