My Little Slice of Heaven

A year and four months ago we moved onto the family farm in Wisconsin.  We moved in around September and I was pregnant with two crazy boys.  All I could think about was fulling the barn full of animals right away.  The hubs, who was being more realistic then I was told me no over and over again.  He promised we would talk about it the following year.  As you know from previous post we have ANIMALS and I am so blessed.

A little history about the house and farm.  They were built in 1868 by George and his wife who named farm Oak Lane Farm. They had children and when George died his son William took over.  William and his family sold their family farm they had down the road and moved in and took over the farm.   William grew old and passed the farm down to his son Arlington.  Arlington got married and had three children; 2 girls and boy.  He and is second wife sold the farm to his son Bill and wife Sharlean, who are the hubs’ grandparents.  Bill and Sharlean had three children also; 2 boys and a daughter.  One of the sons, Tim, took over the farm and eventually he and his wife purchased the farm from Bill.  They raised their family here.  Tim had lived here in this home for 65 years!  He never moved out until he was 65 and he finally was able to down size with his second wife.  Tim had two boys, and his son Timothy and his family moved in (that’s us). There have been six generations that have lived on this property and they all have had animals on the farm.  From dairy cows, all types of poultry to beef cows and horses, and pigs.

Nothing has changed with the outside of the house, its still white like it always has been and I’m not going to change that.  It also and two really nice porches.  One faces the road and one faces the barn and pasture.  I love looking out the window and seeing the moo crew eating away!  The moo crew isn’t ours, we are currently renting the pasture to a local farmer and his wife.  Someday I will have some of my own!  The hubs’ dad and his wife had added a deck and pool onto the house a few years back.  That was really nice to have over the summer and I plan on using that way more this year, now that Josie will be older.

The barn and pole shed are still the same and holding up real nice.  The barn could use some TLC and a fresh coat of paint.  Maybe that will happen down the road after the inside is all taken care of.

Over all, I just really love living in the house and having all the history.  We get to pass it down to our children and they will pass it down to theirs.  I’m truly blessed for ever grateful!

This above it what helps keep me grounded, it helps me keep my mind straight, and not let those eating disorder thoughts sneak in.  It oddly give me confidence in myself and the way I want to live my life.  I know I was meant to have this type of body and live this type of homesteading life!

~God Bless,  Angela


Weekly Meal Update

Last weeks meal I planed were;

Mon-Shepherds Pie                             Fri-Beef Tips with noodles

Tues-enchilada’s                                  Sat-Tuna Casserole

Wed-Chicken Pot Pie                          Sun-Pizza

Thur-Left over

I made Shepherds pie on Monday and it was DELICIOUS.  Everyone liked and some even loved it minus Robbie.  He refused to try any of it.  Someday that little boy will start trying new foods.  We ended up making him a ketchup sandwich, disgusting.  I got done early with work Monday because I need to get home and meet the bus.  This was quick to make and have ready before Dominic and I ran off to wrestling practice.  We both ate it when we got home!

On Tuesday, we were suppose to eat the enchiladas and I ended up making the chicken pot pie because I forgot to take the meat out ahead of time.  hahahah.  I don’t have a picture of the my finish pot pie but here is how its suppose to look.

Doesn’t this look so yummy and delicious?  I think so too but I found that the biscuits didn’t get cooked through and were raw.  I was going to put it back in for a length of time but some o the biscuits would have burned.  The taste of burn is never a good thing.  The hubs could it all mixed up and it didn’t bother him.  Nope, not this lady, I picked through it and took the raw dough out.  I will not be making this again and will stick to my normal way of making chicken pot pie that involves pie crusts.





Wednesday turned into left over day and we choose from either Monday or Tuesdays lefts over.

Thursday I came home later from work then I was suppose to.  Which, threw everything off and there was a NFL play off game.  We ended up having peanut butter and jelly or honey sandwiches, veggies, and fruit of their chose.

Friday we had beef tips with egg noodles and man it was YUMMY!  I mixed it all together the night before in the crock pot and but it in the fridge.  In the morning I placed the inside of the crock pot into the “base” and turn it on low before we literally ran out the door.  Came home around 3 o’clock and turn it to warm and we ate around 5 o’clock.

Saturday turned into a left over day and we got to eat the yummy beef tips again!

Sunday was pizza night and the Packer game!

~God Bless Angela













My baby is ONE!!

Where has the time gone?!  My baby lady Josie is turning one tomorrow, ONE!  I feel like she shouldn’t be this old yet.  I’m happy shes getting more independent as for as mobility and eating food goes.  I still want my little baby.  I’m sad shes getting so big because she most likely my last baby…….but never say never!  Only God, or the high powers, knows the plan!

A little bit about Josie:

She loves food.  If she had her way she would eat all day.  There isn’t anything she doesn’t like.  Unlike her brothers who are picky, she’ll eat whatever I make for dinner.  Thankfully, Dominic is slowly coming to his senses.  He’s trying more foods and actually liking them.  The only thing we need to be mindful of is she gets constipated very easily.  We make sure she doesn’t eat a lot of cheese or bananas.  She once went TWO weeks without pooping, asides from little tiny rabbit turds that would take all day to come out.  I took her to the doctor and she now gets some juice when we notice she’s having trouble.  Her skin is still very sensitive.  Everything needs to be washed in Dreft and we use Cetaphil.  I tried a different lotion because she had horrible spots of eczema.  She had a allergic reaction to it, all over her little body.  Ugh, I felt so bad.  During the whole thing, she was still a happy go-lucky baby, thank goodness.

Josie started sleeping thought the night around 2/3 months old and never woke up EVER.  Around 9 months when she hit the 9 month regression thing.  She woke up almost every night 3 to 5 times.  Thankfully, now at 11 months almost 12, she wakes up once a night or not at all.  Getting sleep again has been so wonderful and I’m less on edge.  Hopefully this continues!!

Shes been crawling on all fours like a crazy since 9 months old.  Before that, she was army crawling and so she FAST.  She loves to crawl up the steps.  She can climb the stairs all by herself, but she never does it alone.  She does sometimes like to pull a fast one if she sees the gate is down and will make a mad dash for the steps. Usually shes half way up before we noticed.  That’s how fast and quite she is lol.  She keeps us on our toes for sure.

She pulls herself up to standing all the time. She is starting to stand by herself without holding onto anything, which is a good sign.  She will walk along the furniture to get to her brothers, who she loves playing with.  They are so sweet and gentle with her and she will let them know if they’ve made her upset.  She’ll do this loud squeech thing and will kind of start hitting them haha.  Oh how that starts so young. They all love playing in her crib and bouncing around and giggling hard core!  I’m so thankful the boys love their sister so much and love playing with her.  Hopefully, has the years go by it will stay the same but lets be real, we know how siblings are hahahaha.







~God Bless



Hospital Bag Must Have’s

I have had 3 babies and have learned by the third time what I all needed for the hospital.  With my first delivery I had no clue what to bring and I brought just a few things like a baby outfit and clothes to go home in for myself, undies, socks and tooth brush.  Yup, that was it.  At that time I wasn’t big into Pinterst and none of my friends had babies or even my family, I was the first one.  So I had no one to help, I packed few things listed above and we brought along the car seat.  So the must have things I’ve learned to bring are:

  • Phone charger
  • reading book or magazine
  • large pj’s for after delivery
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • tooth brush and tooth paste
  • bath robe
  • clothes for going home in
  • undies and socks
  • sports bra or nursing bra
  • brush and hair ties
  • nursing pillow (life saver for nursing)
  • deodorant
  • SNACKS (must, must have!)
  • baby blanket
  • car seat cover
  • 2 new born sleepers
  • 2 0-3 sleepers

I didn’t have a fancy bag, I just packed it all into a gym bag and called it good.  I feel like the less bags to count and worry about the better lol. I packed new born outfits and 0-3 outfits just in case the baby didn’t fit into the new born size and sometimes the brand can make a different two.  I’m pretty sure Josie were a 0-3 home because she was so big.  Feel free to personalize this list, these are just things I brought with me.

~God Bless,



New Year, New Goals

I never liked the whole “New Year Resolutions”even though I’m sad to say I participated in this thinking for so many years just because others did it and I felt like I had to do it in order to fit in.  This list of resolutions always felt vert negative and it was.  There was maybe one or two thing on their that were positive MAYBE but otherwise it was always about weight and looks.  Loosing weight could never just be 5 pounds or just toning up, it had to be like 15 pounds or higher and was followed by needing to fight into a certain brand of jeans like Holster or a certain size and looking a certain way.  I do believe that this type of thinking and listing was a learned habit that my mother shared with me and so did so many of my friends mothers.  For so many years society has talked about how women; single, married, and mothers need to look, how to feel, and what to eat that over the years women have become so obsessed and then that obsession was taught to their daughters and so on.  Which is so upsetting!

So when I started my recover in 2011 I learned a healthier and more positive way to right a New Year Resolution.  The therapists had taught us to use a poster board and name it 2020 Goals and you could write lots of goals you wanted to accomplish or have only a few.  You could decorate your board with photos and lots of fun colors and I always did that.  They also taught us to write more positive goals and kick the negative resolution thinking to the curb.  So for example, instead of writing I want to lose 10 pounds, you would write I want to move my body for 20 minutes a day dancing or take a pole dancing class.  That way of writing so much more encouraging!

I have done the poster board goals for gosh 9 years.  The last time was 2018 and that year I discovered Rachel Hollis and her Gratitude Journal.  I listened to her books and her podcast and learned more about her Gratitude Journal and started using it in 2019.  Rachel Hollis suggests you write your 10 goals daily in the Journal and you right them as if you have already achieved them.  So that way or writing and thinking tricks your mind into thinking it as already accomplished those goals and this so much more encouraging.  Once you’ve completed one of the goals you can fill it with another goal. Also, in the journal you right down five things that you are grateful for for that day.  This way of thinking and writing has helped my stay more positive and excited for my goals and putting in the hard work.

** This isn’t an add for Rachel Hollis or me selling her journal.  I don’t even have her journal.  I use her method and layout which she gives away for free and I have it written down in composition notebook.  I’m just sharing this because it has helped me so much in maintaining my positive mindset.

My Goals

  1. Yoga 2 times a week
  2. Move my body for 30 minutes per day
  3. Be more present with family
  4. Be consistent with blogging
  5. Read/listen to 1 personal development book per month
  6. Read/listen to 1 book of my choice per month
  7. Complete 1 sewing project every 2 months
  8. Be more adventures
  9. Schedule 1 day or 1/2 day for myself
  10. Consume 1 shake a day

Others I’ll put in once those or a few are done

  • remove/reduce 50% of plastic from our house
  • raise a beef cow
  • 60% homesteading
  • Be self sufficient


~God Bless    Angela


Meals for the Week

January 6th-12th

I’m coming in strong this week with meal planning and I’m going to try really, really hard with following the meal plan.  I’m hoping this will save us some money, reduce the good waste, and be healthier.  I will be sharing the recipes and if the family like them or not fingers crossed.  Stay tuned.

  • Monday: Shepherds Pie and prep beef stew and freeze
  • Tuesday: Enchiladas
  • Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie
  • Thursday: Left Overs
  • Friday: Beef Tips with Noodles and peas
  • Saturday: Tuna Casserole
  • Sunday: Left Over


I’m trying something new with my grocery list.  I have listed all the departments of the store on the paper i.e produce, dairy, and so on. I’m hoping by doing so will keep more more accountable with only purchasing items off the list and it helps to make sure I have listed all ingredients that I need for each meal I have planned.  I will let you know how it goes!

~God Bless,




Our Merry, Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and you were gifted everything you wanted or was able to do the things you wanted to do!!

This year the hubs took a vacation day for Christmas Eve and we were going to go to my grandmas house to celebrate Christmas.  Going to be grandmothers house on Christmas Eve has been a tradition since before I was born and I’m 31 years old.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to go the last couple of years do to the hubs schedule and this year it was because I was blessed with a stomach bug the night before Christmas Eve and Dominic was diagnosis with an ear infection, strep throat (again), and croup the day of Christmas Eve.  The never ending roller coaster of sickness ugh!!

At first I was a little sad because I was looking forward to seeing some of my cousins that I hadn’t seen for about a year or so but life happens and we made Christmas Eve fun for us.  The children opened their presents from us and the hubs and I played a board game and it was all awesome.  We ended the night watching The Polar Express with the boys which they loved and were sooo excited for.

I was on Facebook the day after Christmas, looking at every ones photos of their Christmas and I was starting to compare our Christmas to those on Facebook.  I felt like I had jiped my kids of of tons of glories gifts from Santa.  Santa had only given one gift per child this year.  I pointed it out to the hubs and he looked at me and said “Angela, the kids don’t care how many gifts they get from Santa, as long as they got one.  And, don’t you remember how happy they were when they saw the gifts and how happy they were while they were checking out their gifts”.  That’s when it dawned on me, that’s the evil thing about social media.  It pulls us in and we start comparing ourselves to other families, couples, or people.  Isn’t that crazy and sad?!  I more aware of when that thought of comparing or judging comes in I ask myself why I’m thinking that and how can I change that thought process.  So, instead I ask myself why I’m comparing? Were those feelings are coming from?  Those questions have helped me a lot and I think they will over the course of the year.  Getting back to Christmas Dominic was gifted a Titanic Lego ship and a book, Robbie was gifted a dinosaur mat with dinosaurs and a book, and Josie baby Toy Story 4 plastic characters. and a book.  They were soooo excited for their gifts.  I don’t think she really knew what was going on hahaha but she had fun crawling around.


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God Bless;