Josie’s big arrival

I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks since Josie has been born.  Some days it feels like it was just yesterday and other days it feels like she has been here for way longer.  Those are the days that have been rough with all three kids.

The night before we had Josie I barley slept at all and all the thoughts of “what ifs” came flying through my head and the biggest one was about Robbie.  What if Robbie doesn’t like her?  What if he acts out more or is jealous more?  Those thoughts were breaking me heart and I started to cry.  I made myself stop and think about something else like the look at Tim’s face when he see’s his daughter.  I remember the look on his face when both boys were born and I will never forget it.  With Dominic he cried and with Robbie he got the biggest look of happiness on his face.

When 4:00 am came around Monday morning we both climbed out of bed and rubbed my tummy for one last time and began to get dressed.  Tim flew down to load up the fire and make sure its all good for his mom and the boys.  Before I walked down the stairs I went in by both boys to give them a kiss and a whisper of “I’ll love you forever as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”.  We both freshened up and had my hospital bag of goodies and his hospital bag, the bobby, and car set all ready to go by the door and were just waiting for his mom who was running a little late.  She had offered to clean the house while watching Robbie and Dominic when he got home from school.  I was so happy that she had cleaned the house for me especially the shower, I hadn’t been able to clean that all because I barley fit it their to shower let along being able to clean it, so it needed some TLC.

We got on the road around 5:15 am and boy were the nervous starting to kick in.  There was a lot of self talk going on in my mind to keep myself cool and collected.  Good thing Tim had a lot to talk about because my self talk really wasn’t cutting it hahaha.  When we arrived at the hospital the realization that we were having our daughter today and would become a family of five really hit me in the face. We got off the elevator at the birthing center a little after 6:00 am and began the never ending paper work for the next 45 minutes.  After that first round of paper work was done we were shown our room and started another round of paper work and answering of questions.  After the paper work I got changed and the real fun started, I got the lovely IV put in for Pitocin other known as Pit and she turned it on.  I liked the nurse we had but she seemed a little fake for me but she was very sweet and kind.  It turned out we weren’t suppose to be their tell 6:30 so they weren’t really ready for us but I was told 6 am so I guess it still all worked out in the end.

Around 8:00 my awesome OB doctor came in and broke my water which is still the worst feeling in the world.  I felt like I peed my pants and every time I adjusted in bed whoosh more water would gush out, icky icky.  Breaking of the water helped so much and the increasing of Pitocin.

By 9:00 am the contractions were becoming real and I thought it would be nice, while I could, for us to walk around the birth center.  We made probably ten laps and each time we walked around the contractions become more and more.

**WOW, I totally forgot that I had started writing this post just 3 weeks after Josie had joined us.  I will continue on writing this post but now Josie is 9 months old. 

By 10:00 am I couldn’t take the pain anymore, just like labor with the boys I have horrible back labor and was behind my normal pain limit.  So I asked to have a epidural and he was busy so we waited.  We waited for an hour and half and he finally made it to the room.  By that point I have stood the entire time with Tim holding me upright.  At one point the pain was so bad that I felt like I was going to vomit and when I said it out loud because I truly felt like it was going to happen, Timothy let go of me and I almost fell over face first onto the floor.  Luckily the nurse was right their and she caught me.  We all started laughing and I said “what the hell?”.  His response was, “well I didn’t feel like getting dirty”.

By the time he came it was 11:30 am something and he was able to get the needle into the little spot on my spine  which I could barely sit still, the contractions were extremely painful.  After that I laid down finally and he gave me something to take the edge off, i guess i didn’t get the epidural medicine because it has to wait a half hour after the needle is inserted in your back, that was new to me.  So the nurse had asked how i was feeling and i said fine but I feel like her head is in my pelvic born.  Sure enough Josie was in the birth canal ready to be born.  By this time it was close to noon.  The nurse called doctor and another nurse came in and started to set up the room for my baby girls arrival.

By 12:00 am Josie Sharlene Stearns was born in my arms!  She weighed 9.5 pounds and 21 inches long and was sooo chunky.  The rest of the day after that was a blurr and I just snuggled Josie.  At one point I looked over to Timothy as I was pushing and he was watching her be born with a tear streaming down his face.  ❤


Thank You,

God Bless


Tuesdays Recipe is……..Carrot Chips

This yummy Carrot Chip recipe is to die for and it really helped with my carrot cravings.  I know a what a strange good to crave but anything carrot is up my alley and I crave them all day long.


  • Two 16 oz. bags of carrot chips/carrot coins
  • 1/2 cup (one stick) butter, melted
  • Garlic salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350*.
  2. Prepare 2 to 3 baking sheets with cooking spray or parchment paper.
  3. Rinse the carrots.

4.  Layer the carrot chips in rows, overlapping slightly.


5.  Pour the melted butter over the 2 or 3 pans of carrots.

6.  Sprinkle with garlic salt to taste.


7. Bake for 30 – 35 minutes, rotating pans in the oven at the 15 minute mark.

8. Bake the carrots more or less depending on the level of browning that you want.


~God Bless,



Breaks my Heart

Hello all, so last week while waiting for Dominic to finish up wrestling practice I took a walk down the hallways to help this baby along.  It clearly didn’t work but on my walk I came across this picture.

This photo is in the Middle School and we all know that Middle School is already an awkward and strange time for children.  There are so many changes going on with their bodies and for some communities that is when surrounding schools combined.  When I was growing up I had gone to this school and there are at least 3 schools that combine for Middle school and I remember it being stressful for me.  New people to meet, new friendships, and all that jazz.

To me this door bulletin board is doing more harm then it is doing good.  Its basically saying that getting sweets and maybe a few to many is going to cause you to grow a instant big belly.  That is setting children up to have a negative relation ship with their body and an over all poor body image.

There are so many different bulletin boards that could have been hung up instead of this one that would encourage getting more fruits and veggies or getting the body active or just a simple snowman waving to the children.   The options are endless and I found those three pictures using Pinterest in a matter of 10 minutes.  We wonder why so many children are developing a negative body image so young or Eating Disorders, this is way and it needs to stop ASAP.

christmas door decorating contest winners | We decorated our door with a snowman, and he really brightened up the ...

PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Nurse "winter" board 2014- stuffed snowman w/3 healthy habits

~God Bless,



When it rains man does it pour

You know that saying When it Rains it Pours?  That has been the story of my life this week and thankfully I had off from work to be able to deal with it all.   I think knock on wood that we finally caught a break.

It all started last Friday late in the night when Dominic got sick with the flu that night, all day Saturday, and Sunday evening.  He stayed home Monday and went back to school Tuesday.  Now looking back at it he had complained that his belly hurt Tuesday through Thursday but I thought it had a little to do with having to go to school.  School has been tough for him this year more on that later.  Thursday afternoon I had received a call from the office lady with 15 minutes left of the school day and Dominic told her his belly hurt and she wanted to let me know and decide if he should ride the bus.  I went and picked him up and mind you at this time I was dealing with some 3rd trimester nauseousness that I had been going on for a few days and waddled into the school to pick up him.  He seemed just fine maybe a little sleepy and never complained to me that his belly hurt.

So that night I made sure the boys were in bed by 7:30 pm and asleep by 8:00 pm and I let Dominic sleep in tell 7:00 am instead of getting up early.  I took him to school and he said he was feeling soo much better and was grateful for the sleep.  Well long and behold I received a call around noon saying Dominic had an accident and was in need of and extra change of clothes.  I didn’t mind bringing extra clothes at all but Robbie and I were at the store getting some groceries and Robbie had a well child appointment at 1:20.  So we rushed home, grabbed two pairs of undies and pants and flew to the school.  I didn’t get their tell 12:30/12:45 ish and my poor son was sitting in his poop pants.  She never  wiped him down, he sat in those pants tell I got their and then she had the balls to say “oh great mom is finally here, she can clean you up and change you”.  So that I did and his poor legs started bleeding because the liquid poop at that point had dried onto his legs and bumper and I had to scrub it off hard.  So I’m rushing to clean him off quick and just throwing the socks, undies, and pants away in the trash and Dominic just starts crying.  I felt so bad for him and meanwhile Robbie is in the car waiting and freaking out.  By the time Dominic and I get the car Robbie stripped off his shoes and socks and was in full on screaming mode because he thought I left him.  When I had left him he was sleeping and awake #momfail.

All three of us made it to the doctors office 5 minutes late but we made it #momwin.  I was able to get Dominic seen at the same time that Robbie was seen and man that was crazy.  I decided to have Dominic seen because baby is coming Monday and I just wanted him seen and okay.  Basically she said he has a GI virus and list off two possibilities that I can’t spell but both of which are very very contagious but never said anything about me having to be concerned about baby.  He had two more runny bm’s that night but nothing else no fever and no vomiting praise the Lord.

Earlier in the week I had to make calls and run errands regarding bills that came from our old house.  We were still being charged for insurance on the house and the water bill.  Back in September I had called both places to let them know and clearly niehter company had listened to me so that was irritating but on a plus side we will get some money back from the one place.  Being an adult is fun some days isn’t it.

I was gonna start washing some towels and guess what stopped working…..the dang washer.  I almost lost it.  I have sooo much laundry to do like normal but now its paling up in more and what seems so much faster then normal.  So it looks like we will have to buy a new one because its the belt again that broke or fell off that we had fixed about 3 months ago so why stick more money into it, its a used washer. Well this morning when Robbie woke up he told me he had peed, this child has never peed his bed so I thought he was fibbing but nope he wasn’t.  It wasn’t just a little it was a lot and I lost it, not on Robbie but the universe.  I wasn’t about to pack up two kids, laundry soap, and the nasty pee sheets to fly down to the laundry mat which is only open tell 12 on Saturdays and expose others to what ever Dominic has or have him pick up some new sickness.  Thankfully I have the worlds greatest sister in law who lives in town and I asked him she would wash it for me along with Dominic’s coat and snow pants and she said yes.  Thank goodness.  She has been a life saver in this whole pregnancy and for sure today.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring I hope nothing else and I hope its smooth sailing and lots of cuddles with the boys  before the night comes and an early morning arises.

Thank You for listening and please share if your week was tough or if there were any #momfails or #momwins!!

~God Bless,



Yummy Monster Dip

Happy Thursday!!

This weeks recipe is Monster Dip.  I found this little gem over Dominic’s Christmas vacation when he wanted some dip for the animal crackers.  I hopped onto Pinterest and went on a search.  We’ve eaten this type of dip before at daycare but I’ve never made it before because I thought it was a little hard to make but boy was I wrong.  One of the requirements you could say I had for the dip was it need little to no dairy in it.  I wanted to be able to eat some of the dip too but dairy just doesn’t agree with my stomach and a majority of the Monster Dip recipes have a TON of dairy but this one only had cream cheese and butter, I can handle that.

Ingredients:                                         Prep Time:  15 min’s                Total Time: 15 min’s

  • 8 oz cream cheese, room temperature                           
  • 1/2 cup salted butter, room temperature
  • 1 cup smooth peanut butter
  • 1 cup light brown sugar, packed
  • 1 + 1/2 cups of powdered sugar
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 cup quick cooking oats
  • 1 cup M&M’s (optional)
  • 1 cup chocolate chips (optional)



  1. In a large bowl add in the cream cheese, butter, and peanut butter.  Beat on high until combined.
  2. Add in brown sugar, powdered sugar, salt, and quick cooking oats.  Beat on high until light and fluffy.  I used a hand held mixer which worked great.

3. Stir in the M&M’s and chocolate chips.

4.  Place the dip in the fridge for 15 minutes so the dip stays together.

5.  You can either use the same bowl or place the dip into a serving bowl and serve with pretzels.  Store in the fridge.

Notes:  You can divide the dip into to bowls\balls and place one in the freezer to save for later.  I had regular oats and I wasn’t a fan of using those oats in this dip but it was still good and everyone enjoyed it.  I also added the oatmeal in when I added the candies in and folded them together.  Maybe I should have added the oats when I was suppose to and mix them together, it might have turned out different textually.

*The bowl was almost empty by the end of the week, we made this on Wednesday.  I will for sure be making this again and having the kids help too.


~God Bless,



Guess who’s back?….

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!  I am ready to be back and sharing all the good stuff from life happenings to yummy recipes and coming soon fitness.

Who is ready to take on the New Year?  I know I am and I have all the steps ready to really enjoy this year and to make sure I do all the things I want to do and accomplish.  I will share those later.

Now that the holidays are over we have been hit with the flu.  Thankfully it has only hit one person thus far which sadly was Dominic and he had it from Friday night tell Sunday night.  He didn’t go to school on Monday and had another day of rest which is what he really needed.  I think he played a little too hard Sunday morning and then crushed that night with tiredness and puking.  This morning he was feeling way better but was sooo upset he had to get up early at 6:00 am and quickly hit to get on the bus at 6:45 am poor guy.

Robbie is doing great, still a sassy little guy who loves to play with Dinosaurs and make Jurassic Park with Dominic.  Last night while I was tucking him in, I asked him if he is ready and excited for his baby sister to come.  He didn’t respond at first so I asked again, he started to answer me in a crying voice and said “I don’t like babies and when baby comes I’m going to run far away.”  He said it in a such a serious voice and then continued to cry.  That had broken my heart and I reassured him that I’ll love him just the same as I love baby and that I love everyone (I named everyone off)  the same amount and very much.  That didn’t seem to set it so I changed the subject.  This is the first time he has every said this and if I would have known sooner that he felt this way I would have been proactive about it.  Now we only have a short time tell she arrives but I have faith that it will all work out and I plan on making sure I make separate time for both boys after baby comes.  It might not be going out somewhere but it will be doing something they love.

Here’s a little update about baby.  You may be wondering if she has arrived yet and the answer is no.  I am currently 38 weeks and 1 day and baby girl is still cooking.  I see my doctor tomorrow and I am so curious to know if my body has progressed since last weeks appointment.  Last week I was 3 center meters dilated and 50% effaced.  That is the most I have ever been in all my pregnancies so I’m pretty excited.  I am really hoping she will arrive on her own still but she only have 6 more days before she is being evicted on Monday at 6am.  During my pregnancy I found out that three ladies that I know who were pregnant while I was and due around the same time.  That was wonderful because we all shared stuff about our pregnancy that we were going through.  Well, all three ladies have had their babies within the last 2 weeks.  Two ladies had girls and one had a boy and man it makes me want this little girl to arrive NOW  lol.  I know she will come when she is ready but its been hard waiting.

The hubs and I are doing good getting ready for baby and finalizing some stuff around the house that needed to be taken care of before baby comes and of course catching up on some adult nonsense like bills.  He has started a podcast with two buddies and its about board games its called Dual Win Games you should check them out.  They have an Instagram account and Facebook page too.  It’s been awesome watching him get into something that he is so passionate about.  He as always loved being board games and I do too.  Hes been into for a couple of years now and I really have gotten into it the last year and a half.  I picked out two games that I really wanted and actually watched reviews on.  They are Gloomhaven and Harry Potter.  I really enjoy playing both of these games and I kind of hope that maybe I’ll be a guest on the show and I can talk about them.  lol

God Bless and take care,


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Image result for Harry Potter board game


Christmas is almost HERE!

Does anyone else feel like Christmas just snuck up on them this year?  I feel like yesterday was December 1st and bam today is the 21st and only four more days then its Christmas.  Its so crazy to me how fast it arrived this year and I feel like our Elf Cookie just arrived only a few days ago.  And speaking of Cookie, man for some reason it has been hard thinking of places for him to hang out or thinking of little tricks or activities for him to do over the course of his stay.  You would think it would have been so much easier now considering we live in a bigger home then we did last year and last year I ran out of spots and ideas fast.  I have a few more ideas up my sleeve but there are messy ones and I just cleaned my house again and sadly don’t want to make it dirty.  In the picture below is one of the hiding spots and little trick that Cookie had pulled and the boys thought it was soooo funny.  He also left an activity for the boys to do, it was to add water to a circle of skittles to make a rainbow.  The rainbow turned out so bright and beautiful and the boys were amazed that just adding water caused a rainbow.

Lets talk about wrapping gifts for a moment, does anyone have all the gifts wrapped already?  This lady as only a hand full wrapped and those are for Sunday when my family is coming over for Christmas.  This is the first time we are having Christmas with my family at our house.  My mother normally has Christmas but this year she ran into some health problems you can say and hasn’t taken care of her home due to it.  I don’t have any gifts wrapped for the boys or the hubs and I’m oddly okay with that.  I figure I have four more nights to get some wrapping down but I don’t know about you but by the time nighttime comes I am so tired I have no desire or energy to want to wrap them BUT tonight I will.  At least I keep telling myself this hahaha.  Lots of high fives to those who have there gifts wraps and are relaxing and enjoying the last four days tell Christmas comes.

God Bless,