It’s crazy that 8 months have gone by since I last posted on my blog. Thats how crazy busy life can get in a blink of an eye. A lot has changed around here at the house and for me.

I’m a year older now, 33 and loving it. I have had some health “scares” if you will or issues depending on how you look at it. For about two months I wasn’t feeling myself and over the course of those two months my symptoms became worse and I finally went to the doctor for it. The doctor and I discussed what was going on and we came to the conclusion I was experiencing Anxiety and depression mixed in with panic attacks. We also talked about getting some blood work down to check my thyroid to make sure it was working correctly and we fond out that my TCH levels were slightly off which could have been due to stress from all that was going on. I just got my thyroid rechecked, it was a months between the two blood tests, and the TCH was normal but the T3 level was slightly off so I have been referred to a endocrinologist to make sure everything is okay and I’ll be seeing that doctor the first week of January. I’m praying everything is okay and that it’s not any form of cancer.

Getting back to the anxiety and depression that I have been experiencing, the doctor suggested and prescribed me some medication and a referral to see someone in behavioral health. I was very hesitant on taking any medication because I haven’t taken any before and I don’t take a daily medication to begin with so I was nervous about having to do that and nervous about what the Hubs would think. His opinion matters to me the must and I know when it comes to my health my opinion should be the only one that matters. I was worried he would look at my differently knowing I was on medication but he doesn’t. He still loves my the same!! Before I started taking the medication I sat down with the Hubs and told him my concerns, mostly that he wouldn’t love me anymore which is stupid but the truth. Needless to say he told me he’ll love me no matter what and that he just wants me to feel better. Knowing that I started taking the medication the next day and within a few days I started to feel more myself and now after taking the medication for a month a half I feel 100% myself and I’m LOVING it. My positive attitude is back, energy is back, patients with the kids is back, and over all the motivation to live a meaningful life is back.

Your mental health is no joke friends and its important to seek help if you’r not feeling like yourself. Don’t worry what others my think, focus on yourself first and if they don’t support your choice to get help then they don’t need to be in your life. Some my need to be educated on whats going on and by all means you can suggest that before cutting them out of your life. I had to educate my mother on anxiety and now she doesn’t give me a hard time about it.

Remember your important and loved!!

God Bless,


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