A two year old is in the house!!

I can’t believe my baby girl is two years old! How did this happen? Where has the time gone? I feel like she was just born yesterday and now she’s a little girl.

Her personality is starting to shine and she’s full of life. Her favorite thing to do is yell “NO” very loud when asked a question and she loves to scream at the top of her lunges and sometimes for no reason. Her screams are eye piercing and makes you plug your ears and hope it ends soon. Her other favorite thing to do is strip! She loves to run around in her diaper at any given chance and she like wrestling an alligator when it’s time to put her clothes back on. It’s real fun. hahahahaha. This can happen multiple times a day. The joys of raising a two year old.

She currently really into animals specifically cows and horses. Our neighbors down the road have seven horses and when we drive past she enjoys when we slowly drive past and she gets to look at all the beautiful horses. I’m trying to talk her daddy into getting a pony but he isn’t buying it lol. Hopefully one day.

She’s saying more and more every day and they are becoming clearer and easier to understand what she’s talking about or referring to. It’s so awesome to watch her become more of a toddler and losing her baby ways but also sad for she is possibly our last baby.

Josie also enjoys getting out of the house when she does. She’ll scream ” by by” and waves and runs away to get her boots on and digging out her gloves from the basket. She unfortunately doesn’t get out of the house much due to me watching kiddos in the home and covid.

Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl ❤

God Bless



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