Something New

As we all know 2020 has been a tough year for many and some had to make hard decisions for themself and/or their family. I made that choice back in March after the daycare I had been working had open back up after the mandatory 2 week shut down. I was loving that time off and actually forgot there was a pandemic happening around in the world. I had gotten so much stuff done that needed to be done that I wasn’t getting done because I had been working so much. When the time came to go back and after something had happen work related I decided to not go back. Not sure much because of Covid but because I wanted something new, I wanted to be away from the drama, and I wanted to spend more time with my kiddos.

Back in September Timothy and I had talked about the dreaded finances and we came into agreement that I needed to bring in a income but it had to be a job that would allow me to come home if the kiddos were sick and it had to work around Timothys schedule so we wouldn’t have to pay for a sitter or a daycare bill because that sh** isn’t cheap. So I had put some feelers out on facebook about watching some kiddos in the home and I’ve been doing that since October and its going great. I mostly help out some friends when their sitter isn’t available or if they have an appointment to go to. I make sure I follow all the state rules and regulations for watching children in the home because this lady doesn’t want to get in any trouble. It isn’t a lot of money and I didn’t start doing this to make a lot of money it was mostly to help other and I get to stay home with my kiddos. But the money I do make does help out a lot, which is great.

I didn’t share right away because I wanted to make sure it all worked out first and didn’t want to jinx myself hahaha. I know this sounds like I’m in high school lol. This not only brings in some extra cash it also gives my kiddos someone to play with and man that is so important, both Robbie and Josie love it. We fill the day with reading books, doing art, playing outside, and dancing around the room to music. Of course there are days like any job were the day is rough and you’ve just had enough, I feel like thats pretty normal. :).

Cheers to a new career!!

~God Bless



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