Elf on the Shelf

It was roughly three years ago when I came across elf on the shelf on Pinterest and decided to jump on the train. I figured I could do this for 25 days how hard can it be right? At first it was easy Dominic and Robbie just got a kick out of find the Elf in a new spot every day and the Elf would do something big on the weekend and they were cool with it. Well I must have out done myself those years because so far this round I have been slacking on doing something big on the weekend with the Elf. Dang I can hardly remember to move him every night. I either fall asleep on the couch and get up to go to bed and forget or I cuddle with a kiddo in bed and boom I’m out for the night.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who forget to move the Elf? I think I have forgotten twice a week so far since the first of December. Well last night I set an alarm before bed to remind me to move the Elf and I did. He even wrote a note to the boys saying he couldn’t move the door on the glass cupboard so he ended up being stuck in the same spot two days in a row and he snuck some of the boys Halloween candy and left some wraps behind and he had moved to a new spot. I was so proud of myself this morning and the boys were so happy to see he had moved and left a note. They weren’t so happy that he had eaten some of their candy hahahaha.


I have already thought of something big this weekend to do that involves green streamers, a yellow star, and the Elf. Any guesses? Leave them in the comments below. 🙂 Happy Elf time!!

God Bless



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