It Came and Left

My birthday has come and gone and I’m one year older…..32!! 32 is my FAVORITE number and has been since I was in elementary school, so this number doesn’t bother me at all. I feel like everyone freaks out once they are in their 30’s and they make life changes sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.

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I have mixed feelings about my birthday, at first I’m pretty excited and look froward to have a day to myself which this year Timothy worked so I had the kiddos and the day was still great. I got to watch whatever I wanted on the TV, whoot whoot.

I always wake up on my birthday setting up expectations about the birthday texts I’m going to get or the Facebook posts will I have and who posted them and how many. This is completely ridiculous now that I’v been thinking about it. Last year no one text and no one posted on Facebook about my birthday and I was devastated and cried almost all night. The only ones who remembered where Timothy and his dad who actually gifted me a awesome gift. Its a sign that says “Life is Better on the Farm”, best sign ever and so true.

This year I woke to be birthday with no expectations and told myself it’s my day and I don’t need to be worried about who remembers on Facebook, like how silly is that. I reminded myself about years ago when Facebook wasn’t a thing and the simple call or card for my birthday made my day. And you know what, those two simple things made my day this birthday. I received my yearly birthday card from my Godmother that I look forward to every year, a card from my Auntie, and the best card of all from my mother-in-law. On the front of the card was a very good looking, topless man holding a birthday sign. I did get a lot of text messages from friends and family too and a call from my mom. The boys made me paper gifts and it brought tears to my eyes.! I love those boys!

The down side to my birthday is that it’s another year my dad isn’t here to celebrate with me. I miss him more and more every birthday, every Holiday, and every season change.

If you have a birthday coming up, what are your plans? Leave it below!

God Bless



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