And that Happened

Well its happened, one of our children has broken their first bone and it was Josie. Josie, at 22 months has broke her collarbone by falling off her brothers bed and landing chest first onto the carpet. Timothy and I were upstairs with the kiddos but in a different room cleaning. I was putting away the never ending laundry and Timothy was organizing his board games. I ran so fast to that bedroom because her cry was different, it sounded like a painful cry. I picked her up and she was holding that side of her body and I knew something wasn’t right. A hour went by and she was still favoring it and wouldn’t let anyone touch it. I had put her down to go to the bathroom and then I saw it. Her left shoulder was dipping down and I knew there was a break somewhere.

We called the nurse to confirm my suspicions and she directed us to take her in to the ER, on a Sunday evening. We get into the ER and we had a nurse who was the sweetest nurse ever and Josie took to her real fast. The doctor saw us and ordered X-rays to be done and again that radiology tech. working with Josie did a great job. She had Josie turn on the X-ray machine a couple of times which Josie loved and afterwards the technician showed us the picture, more to just show Josie her cool photo but I could see it then, the clean break. We went back to the room and waited for a few moments and the doctor came in and confirmed what I saw and said it’s a nice blah blah blah break and showed me the X-ray and asked if I would find it. I did. I think if he would’ve had stickers he would have given me one for how good of I job I did finding it (insert eye roll here). He was one of those doctors if you know what I mean.

The life of Josie

It’s been a week now and Josie is recovering nicely minus all the climbing and falling she continues to do hahaha. She has a hard time sitting still and now that she’s feeling better there is no more fear in that little girl. She has to wear the sling for 3-6 weeks, thats going to be the longest time of my life but we got this!

God Bless



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