Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

So last week we had lovely warm weather here in Wisconsin which is strange for November. For little over a week we had sunny days that were 65 to 70 degrees out! It was wonderful and amazing. Now the weather here has turned back to its normal self; cold, slightly windy, and 45 degrees with a chance of snow.

I have started to do yoga everyday and I have to say my body feels more loose and my joints hurt way less which is awesome. I was gonna start my yoga one day last week and then it dawned on me that I should do it outside while I can. So I packed two yoga mats, my phone, and my water and headed for our deck. After I had set my mats up and the yoga music on my phone I was about to start and then I remembered that I hate doing yoga with a shirt on. No matter the shirt I wear while doing yoga it always ends up on my face while doing downward dog and I feel like I’m being smothered by it. So I started doing yoga without a shirt on while inside and I was like “should I do the same out?” I probably stood there for 10 minutes arguing in my head if I should or shouldn’t take my shirt off. One of the good points I brought up to myself was “well when you go swimming you sometimes wear a two piece and a sports bra covers more than a swimming suite top so go for it!”. And I did. I took my shirt off and stood their and I felt very exposed! “Thought what will my neighbors think? Will the judge my mom bod?” I said out loud to myself “well they are going to deal with my mom bod and I DON’T CARE WHAT THEY THINK!”. It felt so liberating saying that out loud and actually believing it. I did about 30 minutes of yoga and not one car drove past and I finished right before the bus dropped off Dominic which was perfect because the bus does drive past were I was doing yoga.

It felt so great doing yoga outside and having the sun hit my back, arms, and face. I love listening to upbeat yoga music while doing my yoga but I really loved listening to the ducks and chickens that were right behind me. It made it even more peaceful and enjoying.

Loving your body is a journey and for me taking about my shirt while outside is a BIG step and I’m starting to love my body for what it does and how it looks! Be kind to you body and feed your body with love and healthy foods!

~God Bless



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