New Mornings

Over the summer I found and had a really good morning routine going. I would get up make coffee and read a book that’s called “How to Be Well: The 6 Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life” by Frank, M.D. Lipman. I happened to stumble across this book at the library and loved it so much I ordered it off of Amazon.

I learned so many awesome things that I never new about and most of the neat information I had learned was about sleep. Each 6 areas are broken done and a lot of tips and tricks are shard which I feel is really great. The books also talks about developing a good and strong morning routine which for me a mom of three who enjoys time alone sounded great. Like I sad I developed a really good routine and mean did it feel great.

Well naturally I fell off the wagon when school started and it was becoming cooler out. A new routine had started which was getting Dominic and Robbie up for school. I would sadly not get up until the last minute before I had to rush to get the boys ready for school and fly out the door to catch the bus. I would suggest not doing this at all, it made for some cranky kiddos in the morning and a frazzled mom.

I am proud to say I have incorporated a morning routine back into my mornings and we are not longer rushing out of bed to catch the bus lol. I feel like such a better mom and more ready to take on my day. I get up around 5:15 am and drink 8 oz of sea salt water which is good to do because it replenishes the minerals you have lost during the night. After I have chugged that I have some delicious coffee and do some journaling and thats around 5:30 am. I look forward to journaling every morning and it helps get my mind clear and I have no desire to be on my phone. Which is big goal of mine to reduce the amount of time I am on my phone. Baby steps to conquer that goal. After journaling I wake Dominic up at 6 am and get him situated and ready for the bus. Typically Robbie is up around this time and he more needy then Dominic so I tend to Robbies needs and get him situated. Around 7 am I get dressed and ready for my day and then cook up some breakfast. My goal is to have breakfast done by 8 am but I still hit a few bumps in the road so it’s been done around 8:30 am. Still I work in progress.

The rest of the day I go with the flow. I have some things written down in my planner that I do everyday and each day I have a different room or chore added to the list that needs to get done that day. Like cleaning the kitchen which is my least favorite room to clean. It helps me stay accountable each day and I feel like I get chores done. If I did something that wasn’t on my daily chore list, I’ll add it to the list just so I can cross it off right away. I like to cross things off that i get done, it makes me feel good! lol

Do you every add something to your list that you have already got done just so you can cross it off? Let me know in the comments below.

~God Bless



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