What a summer 2020

This summer has been a crazy one filled with many emotions from happiness to sadness. The summer started off great and we had lots of fun with cousins and water haha. We’ve had lots of sprinkler days and pool days which the kiddos loved so much. We planted our first garden at the farm and it turned out wonderful and blessed us with tons of fresh produce and even now that we are in October the kale is still growing strong.

We had THREE gardens this year, yes you read that right THREE gardens! One is a raised garden bed that used to be a grain feeder and in there we planted lettuce and green peppers. The peppers were growing great tell one of our goats broke free from the pen and ate them all. Lessoned

the goat damage!

for next year is to move the raised bed away from the goat pen. The other raised garden bed is on the ground but just raised sides. In there we had pumpkins, spinach, and canning cucumbers. All of them grew so big and lush but the stinking squash bugs infected the pumpkin plants and we couldn’t shake them at the time. Even though we didn’t get to enjoy the pumpkins for Halloween our goats sure loved them. Pumpkin is a great dewormer for goats so thats a plus. In the big traditional garden we planted lots of vegetables almost too many. My thought with all that I planted was that if we didn’t eat it or like it I could always feed it to the pigs and we sure did hahaha. We planted zucchini plants, melons, cucumbers, kale, beats, peas (they didn’t do so hot), green beans, carrots, onions, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, celery, cabbage, and squash. I know thats a sh** ton of vegetables!!!

Yummy spinach and lettuce from the garden ❤

Sadly we had lots our farm dog in June. When Timothy were seniors in hight school so 2006/2007 we had gotten a puppy from people in town who didn’t know he was going to be such a large dog. They had taken him to the vet and learned how big he could eventually get. So we snagged him up and named him Rocky. Rocky lived on the farm with Timothys dad and their farm dog Buster. Buster taught Rocky the rules of the farm and kept him safe. Rocky lived a wonderful life on the farm and over the course of his life he watched over steer, cats, kittens, chickens, ducks, goats, and pigs. Rocky passed away at 14 years old. We will loved him forever!!

He’s a good looking dog!!

Good Bless!



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