My Little Slice of Heaven

A year and four months ago we moved onto the family farm in Wisconsin.  We moved in around September and I was pregnant with two crazy boys.  All I could think about was fulling the barn full of animals right away.  The hubs, who was being more realistic then I was told me no over and over again.  He promised we would talk about it the following year.  As you know from previous post we have ANIMALS and I am so blessed.

A little history about the house and farm.  They were built in 1868 by George and his wife who named farm Oak Lane Farm. They had children and when George died his son William took over.  William and his family sold their family farm they had down the road and moved in and took over the farm.   William grew old and passed the farm down to his son Arlington.  Arlington got married and had three children; 2 girls and boy.  He and is second wife sold the farm to his son Bill and wife Sharlean, who are the hubs’ grandparents.  Bill and Sharlean had three children also; 2 boys and a daughter.  One of the sons, Tim, took over the farm and eventually he and his wife purchased the farm from Bill.  They raised their family here.  Tim had lived here in this home for 65 years!  He never moved out until he was 65 and he finally was able to down size with his second wife.  Tim had two boys, and his son Timothy and his family moved in (that’s us). There have been six generations that have lived on this property and they all have had animals on the farm.  From dairy cows, all types of poultry to beef cows and horses, and pigs.

Nothing has changed with the outside of the house, its still white like it always has been and I’m not going to change that.  It also and two really nice porches.  One faces the road and one faces the barn and pasture.  I love looking out the window and seeing the moo crew eating away!  The moo crew isn’t ours, we are currently renting the pasture to a local farmer and his wife.  Someday I will have some of my own!  The hubs’ dad and his wife had added a deck and pool onto the house a few years back.  That was really nice to have over the summer and I plan on using that way more this year, now that Josie will be older.

The barn and pole shed are still the same and holding up real nice.  The barn could use some TLC and a fresh coat of paint.  Maybe that will happen down the road after the inside is all taken care of.

Over all, I just really love living in the house and having all the history.  We get to pass it down to our children and they will pass it down to theirs.  I’m truly blessed for ever grateful!

This above it what helps keep me grounded, it helps me keep my mind straight, and not let those eating disorder thoughts sneak in.  It oddly give me confidence in myself and the way I want to live my life.  I know I was meant to have this type of body and live this type of homesteading life!

~God Bless,  Angela


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