What a busy couple of day

Sorry I’m posting this a day late, the last couple of days have been crazy busy.  It all started on last Wednesday when Josie’s had a little fever at daycare.  Her fever that day went from a little low grade to 103 and stay at 103 tell Thursday evening and Friday morning it was low grade again.  I’m happy the fever broke but then Saturday morning, I noticed she had a rash all over her chest and it was starting to go else where and again she was miserable.

Saturday was game day here at my house, were the hubs has friends over and they play board games all day and sometimes I play depending on the children.  Also, Saturday Dominic had his first dual meet here in town and that was at 4:30 pm and boy it was dang cold that evening!  Dominic had two matches and he was pinned both times and tried to roll out of the pin but just couldn’t get out.  He still had a good time and choose to get back Monday night for practice.

Sunday was Josie’s birthday party and I was running around like a mad women trying to clean and do all the things.  I had put it all off the day before because we had a house full of dudes and the house never stays clean.  hahahaha.  I have never decorated in so much girly stuff before it was odd lol.  She had a unicorn themed party with all the pinks and gold.  She had a puffy tool pink skirt on with a unicorn shirt that said one, and a unicorn head band.  Ugh she was sooo stinking cute and was in good spirits Sunday thank goodness.  The days leading up to the party I was getting nervous, she was such a hot mess express and all over the place.  Which I don’t blame her.


~God Bless, Angela











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