I did a thing!


I did something very out of the ordinary that isn’t me.  The picture of my belly that I posted in the Sticks and Stone post, I also posted that photo on Facebook.

I wanted to share my story for such a long time on Facebook but I hadnt had the guts to do so since I shared it here on my blog.  After I posted it on my blog it took me about a week and a half to post it.  I really had to talk myself up and get those negative thoughts out of my head.  Those thoughts included “OMG look at that belly”, “why would you share something like that”, “Your only doing this for attention”, “Angela really?”, and “ANgela learn how to spell”.  Those were some of the thoughts that flew through my mind every time I thought about posting it.  After I got the photo ready and proof read it a few times I took a deep breath and hit post!

I told myself to not check it tell later on my lunch break and I stuck to it and boy was I surprised to see the response;

“You are amazing! Keep focusing on your beautiful family”

” I love this post! So raw, full of truth and beauty! Thanks for sharing.”

“Love love love this and you. You are SO strong!”

“I love this. I am beginning to accept and love my stretch marks. I keep reminding myself I carried twins for petes sake…and big twins at that”

I love that my post connected with other women and I love the love and encouragement they gave me to keep fighting.  This gives me hope that people are still awesome and aren’t always judgmental.   There wasn’t a single negative comment and agh that was even more awesome!

Never be afraid to share your story and experiences in life.  You never know, someone else could be struggling with the same thing or something similar and them knowing theirs someone else out their going through what they are going through can give them some hope.

God Bless



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