Germs, Germs, Go Away

Sickness have hit the house in full force and it isn’t technically winter here in Wisconsin yet.  Even thought it looks and feels like it outside.  I was hoping this winter would be different and that everyone would be healthy but nope.

It all started out with the hubs getting Pneumonia a few weeks ago and thankfully he didn’t share that with me or the children but boy that was a tough, tough week.  It seemed like was a only a week or so and the daycare I help out at had Hand, Foot, and Mouth broke out and was spreading like wildfire and of course Josie was the last one in her class to get it and had it leading up to Thanksgiving.  But thankfully it was all scabbed over for Thanksgiving so we were able to join some family time.

Then over that weekend the Dominic started complaining that his head hurt and tummy hurt and all of the sudden he couldn’t turn his neck, strep throat bounced in to my head and sure enough when the hubs took him in on Monday, he was positive for strep throat.  Sadly, only a few days later little Robbie spiked a 103 degree temp yesterday while at day care and I took him in later that evening wanting to get strep confirmed or ruled out and he was positive too.  So needless to say I have been cleaning like a made women today, washing all the bedding and trying to find all the water bottles lips had touched. haha

It has been a crazy few weeks to say the least but I am thankful and grateful this is all happening before the busyness  of the holiday season kicks in which starts this weekend for us and every weekend after that!

Stay healthy my friends and God Bless



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