Body After Baby #3

My body after having baby number 3 has been so different.  To be honest I figured that my body would bounce back just like it did after my first child and second child.  It took some work to tighten everything up after my second child but nothing like it does now.  I am caring extra fluff you could say in different areas then I had with my boys and nothing is “melting” off.  I have been working out and moving my body for at least 30 minutes.  There has been a month or two where I didn’t do a workout but I moved my body so ya know that counts, at least in my books.  I’m not sure if things are different because I had a girl this time or what but man let me tell you, I really have to challenge me thinking when it comes towards my body.

I’ve grown to love my body over the years and become very grateful for all the wonderful and amazing things it can do like create a baby!  I find myself having to remind myself of this more often then I had to with the boys and I’m fine with that.  I would rather have that type of thinking and body positive thoughts then fall backwards and let that pain in the butt eating disorder rear its ugly head.

I keep reminding myself that if God or my body wants to have a little extra fluff to show off that I have created and carried 3 healthy babies to term then so be it and I will show it off proudly and try very hard not to worry about what other people think which has a lot to do with how we end up loving ourselves.  My other had bought my a jacket for my birthday back in the middle of November and she had the balls state the other day that my new jacket looks to be getting a little small around my mid section.  I looked at her just shocked and wanted to say something hurtful back to her but I didn’t and said oh it fits great thanks and decided to leave.  That type of person is a waste of my time and I don’t need that type of negative person in my life and neither do you!  Love yourself and all the wonderful things that you do and that your body does!!

God Bless


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