We did a thing!

I have some exciting news…….we have turned our farm into a actual functioning farm, we have animals, and are loving it!!

The first group of animals we were blessed were chickens.  This was out of the blue and happened within a weekend,  We thought about getting chickens and the hubs told me we needed to wait.  Well when my friend ad her husband ran into a problem they were having with the city found out they had chickens within the city limit they had to re-home them or they would get a fine and continue to get a fine until they did so.  So she had asked me knowing I wanted some and of course I screamed YES!!  I told her that I needed some help getting the chicken coop ready and she and I had it all ready within a day and we had the kids too.  They were running all around playing.   Talk about some girl power.  The next day they had dropped of the 10 ladies and 1 roaster and we all fell in love!!! 

We have 3 GOATS too!  There names are Eddie who is the biggest goat, Church who is medium size, and Cupcake who is the smallest and the only female.  Church and Cupcake are brother and sister.  We had purchased them all from the same Goat farm located in our home town and I have known the lady all my life.  She had posted on Facebook one day that she had some babies goats she was looking to sell by September and I begged and made deals with the husband for about a week tell he said yes.  This all happened before we took on the chickens.  We brought the goats home about two months after the chickens and I am in love.  The goats were all wined off their moms by September and we brought them home.  They are the funniest group ever and I look forward to them everyday.

About a month later or so after getting the Goats and chickens, I found a ad on craigslist about a local farmer who was wanted to sell some two pigs at a reasonable price.  We actually went to school with the farmers wife so that was a plus being able to see her and catch up with her and see all the neat animals on their farm.  I ran to the husband to show him the ad and before I could say anything else he had already agreed.  I have wanted a pig for as long as I could remember and i’m not sure why.  I didn’t grow up on a farm or anything so i’m not sure why.  They are brother and sister; Pig 1 and Pig 2.  I feel so blessed to have these animals and everyday I look forward to doing chores and watching them grow and getting to love on them.

God Bless



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