Josie’s big arrival

I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks since Josie has been born.  Some days it feels like it was just yesterday and other days it feels like she has been here for way longer.  Those are the days that have been rough with all three kids.

The night before we had Josie I barley slept at all and all the thoughts of “what ifs” came flying through my head and the biggest one was about Robbie.  What if Robbie doesn’t like her?  What if he acts out more or is jealous more?  Those thoughts were breaking me heart and I started to cry.  I made myself stop and think about something else like the look at Tim’s face when he see’s his daughter.  I remember the look on his face when both boys were born and I will never forget it.  With Dominic he cried and with Robbie he got the biggest look of happiness on his face.

When 4:00 am came around Monday morning we both climbed out of bed and rubbed my tummy for one last time and began to get dressed.  Tim flew down to load up the fire and make sure its all good for his mom and the boys.  Before I walked down the stairs I went in by both boys to give them a kiss and a whisper of “I’ll love you forever as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”.  We both freshened up and had my hospital bag of goodies and his hospital bag, the bobby, and car set all ready to go by the door and were just waiting for his mom who was running a little late.  She had offered to clean the house while watching Robbie and Dominic when he got home from school.  I was so happy that she had cleaned the house for me especially the shower, I hadn’t been able to clean that all because I barley fit it their to shower let along being able to clean it, so it needed some TLC.

We got on the road around 5:15 am and boy were the nervous starting to kick in.  There was a lot of self talk going on in my mind to keep myself cool and collected.  Good thing Tim had a lot to talk about because my self talk really wasn’t cutting it hahaha.  When we arrived at the hospital the realization that we were having our daughter today and would become a family of five really hit me in the face. We got off the elevator at the birthing center a little after 6:00 am and began the never ending paper work for the next 45 minutes.  After that first round of paper work was done we were shown our room and started another round of paper work and answering of questions.  After the paper work I got changed and the real fun started, I got the lovely IV put in for Pitocin other known as Pit and she turned it on.  I liked the nurse we had but she seemed a little fake for me but she was very sweet and kind.  It turned out we weren’t suppose to be their tell 6:30 so they weren’t really ready for us but I was told 6 am so I guess it still all worked out in the end.

Around 8:00 my awesome OB doctor came in and broke my water which is still the worst feeling in the world.  I felt like I peed my pants and every time I adjusted in bed whoosh more water would gush out, icky icky.  Breaking of the water helped so much and the increasing of Pitocin.

By 9:00 am the contractions were becoming real and I thought it would be nice, while I could, for us to walk around the birth center.  We made probably ten laps and each time we walked around the contractions become more and more.

**WOW, I totally forgot that I had started writing this post just 3 weeks after Josie had joined us.  I will continue on writing this post but now Josie is 9 months old. 

By 10:00 am I couldn’t take the pain anymore, just like labor with the boys I have horrible back labor and was behind my normal pain limit.  So I asked to have a epidural and he was busy so we waited.  We waited for an hour and half and he finally made it to the room.  By that point I have stood the entire time with Tim holding me upright.  At one point the pain was so bad that I felt like I was going to vomit and when I said it out loud because I truly felt like it was going to happen, Timothy let go of me and I almost fell over face first onto the floor.  Luckily the nurse was right their and she caught me.  We all started laughing and I said “what the hell?”.  His response was, “well I didn’t feel like getting dirty”.

By the time he came it was 11:30 am something and he was able to get the needle into the little spot on my spine  which I could barely sit still, the contractions were extremely painful.  After that I laid down finally and he gave me something to take the edge off, i guess i didn’t get the epidural medicine because it has to wait a half hour after the needle is inserted in your back, that was new to me.  So the nurse had asked how i was feeling and i said fine but I feel like her head is in my pelvic born.  Sure enough Josie was in the birth canal ready to be born.  By this time it was close to noon.  The nurse called doctor and another nurse came in and started to set up the room for my baby girls arrival.

By 12:00 am Josie Sharlene Stearns was born in my arms!  She weighed 9.5 pounds and 21 inches long and was sooo chunky.  The rest of the day after that was a blurr and I just snuggled Josie.  At one point I looked over to Timothy as I was pushing and he was watching her be born with a tear streaming down his face.  ❤


Thank You,

God Bless


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