Guess who’s back?….

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!  I am ready to be back and sharing all the good stuff from life happenings to yummy recipes and coming soon fitness.

Who is ready to take on the New Year?  I know I am and I have all the steps ready to really enjoy this year and to make sure I do all the things I want to do and accomplish.  I will share those later.

Now that the holidays are over we have been hit with the flu.  Thankfully it has only hit one person thus far which sadly was Dominic and he had it from Friday night tell Sunday night.  He didn’t go to school on Monday and had another day of rest which is what he really needed.  I think he played a little too hard Sunday morning and then crushed that night with tiredness and puking.  This morning he was feeling way better but was sooo upset he had to get up early at 6:00 am and quickly hit to get on the bus at 6:45 am poor guy.

Robbie is doing great, still a sassy little guy who loves to play with Dinosaurs and make Jurassic Park with Dominic.  Last night while I was tucking him in, I asked him if he is ready and excited for his baby sister to come.  He didn’t respond at first so I asked again, he started to answer me in a crying voice and said “I don’t like babies and when baby comes I’m going to run far away.”  He said it in a such a serious voice and then continued to cry.  That had broken my heart and I reassured him that I’ll love him just the same as I love baby and that I love everyone (I named everyone off)  the same amount and very much.  That didn’t seem to set it so I changed the subject.  This is the first time he has every said this and if I would have known sooner that he felt this way I would have been proactive about it.  Now we only have a short time tell she arrives but I have faith that it will all work out and I plan on making sure I make separate time for both boys after baby comes.  It might not be going out somewhere but it will be doing something they love.

Here’s a little update about baby.  You may be wondering if she has arrived yet and the answer is no.  I am currently 38 weeks and 1 day and baby girl is still cooking.  I see my doctor tomorrow and I am so curious to know if my body has progressed since last weeks appointment.  Last week I was 3 center meters dilated and 50% effaced.  That is the most I have ever been in all my pregnancies so I’m pretty excited.  I am really hoping she will arrive on her own still but she only have 6 more days before she is being evicted on Monday at 6am.  During my pregnancy I found out that three ladies that I know who were pregnant while I was and due around the same time.  That was wonderful because we all shared stuff about our pregnancy that we were going through.  Well, all three ladies have had their babies within the last 2 weeks.  Two ladies had girls and one had a boy and man it makes me want this little girl to arrive NOW  lol.  I know she will come when she is ready but its been hard waiting.

The hubs and I are doing good getting ready for baby and finalizing some stuff around the house that needed to be taken care of before baby comes and of course catching up on some adult nonsense like bills.  He has started a podcast with two buddies and its about board games its called Dual Win Games you should check them out.  They have an Instagram account and Facebook page too.  It’s been awesome watching him get into something that he is so passionate about.  He as always loved being board games and I do too.  Hes been into for a couple of years now and I really have gotten into it the last year and a half.  I picked out two games that I really wanted and actually watched reviews on.  They are Gloomhaven and Harry Potter.  I really enjoy playing both of these games and I kind of hope that maybe I’ll be a guest on the show and I can talk about them.  lol

God Bless and take care,


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