Christmas is almost HERE!

Does anyone else feel like Christmas just snuck up on them this year?  I feel like yesterday was December 1st and bam today is the 21st and only four more days then its Christmas.  Its so crazy to me how fast it arrived this year and I feel like our Elf Cookie just arrived only a few days ago.  And speaking of Cookie, man for some reason it has been hard thinking of places for him to hang out or thinking of little tricks or activities for him to do over the course of his stay.  You would think it would have been so much easier now considering we live in a bigger home then we did last year and last year I ran out of spots and ideas fast.  I have a few more ideas up my sleeve but there are messy ones and I just cleaned my house again and sadly don’t want to make it dirty.  In the picture below is one of the hiding spots and little trick that Cookie had pulled and the boys thought it was soooo funny.  He also left an activity for the boys to do, it was to add water to a circle of skittles to make a rainbow.  The rainbow turned out so bright and beautiful and the boys were amazed that just adding water caused a rainbow.

Lets talk about wrapping gifts for a moment, does anyone have all the gifts wrapped already?  This lady as only a hand full wrapped and those are for Sunday when my family is coming over for Christmas.  This is the first time we are having Christmas with my family at our house.  My mother normally has Christmas but this year she ran into some health problems you can say and hasn’t taken care of her home due to it.  I don’t have any gifts wrapped for the boys or the hubs and I’m oddly okay with that.  I figure I have four more nights to get some wrapping down but I don’t know about you but by the time nighttime comes I am so tired I have no desire or energy to want to wrap them BUT tonight I will.  At least I keep telling myself this hahaha.  Lots of high fives to those who have there gifts wraps and are relaxing and enjoying the last four days tell Christmas comes.

God Bless,



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