We had a bit of a scare over this last weekend were I woke up Sunday morning around 7 am with contractions.  This was a first for me and I thought maybe it was Braxton Kicks for I had had those with both boys starting around 32 weeks.  As the morning went on the contractions become stronger and more often and hot dang PAINFUL.  I have never exsperinced contractions on their own before if that makes since, I was induced with the boys so I feel like those contractions are different maybe.  I don’t know if their is truth to that or not but in the end contractions hurt either way.

So around 11:00 I called the on call nurse and after telling her everything so sent us in.  We dropped off the boys at my brother and sister-in-laws house and made our way to town.  The drive wasn’t too bad, the hubs was distracting me by telling me silly stories and such, bless his soul.  We got to the ER they sent us up to the birthing center and monitors were strapped onto my belly.  One for the baby who did wonderful through this entire experience and the other was to monitor the contractions.  I was given a pill to stop the contractions and a nice steroid shot in the thigh to strengthen baby’s lunges and had to get the second dose of the steroid the following day.  The pill “normally”  helps with the first 30 minutes and the contractions begin to less but that wasn’t my case.  They stayed consistent and strong for a long time and I ended up needing to be transferred to a different hospital that as a NICU in case she came early.

Twenty minutes later I found myself climbing onto an ambulance cart, strapped in, and heading for the elevators.  Once we reached the other hospital I was checked and had the monitors placed on my belly once again.  I had meet with the doctor finally and because the pill didn’t work like hoped we decided on doing a magnum drip for 12 hours.

On Wednesday I had met with my doctor and she decided it would be best if I were to take two weeks off tell 34 weeks and we would meet again to see how things are going.  I was silently hoping to be told to take time off but when she confirmed it and handed over a doctors note I become anxious and worried.  First off this was serious and could happen again if I don’t reduce my activity level and take it easy and secondly I wouldn’t be making a income for two weeks possibly longer.  I totally understand money isn’t important but baby girl sure is and if I can’t work so she can stay cooking longer to be stronger and bigger then by gully I’m going to do whatever it takes.

Good Bless



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