Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving was a blast this year and it was just the boys and I traveling to my grandmothers house so there was a little stress with getting them ready at times, especially the feisty three year old that I love with all my heart but dang that boy is a beast.

All the family was their minus my Auntie and Uncle.  My Uncle is recovering from some health problems so it was sad we couldn’t see them but totally understandable.  The children had fun playing with their cousins and they burnt each other out which was great for the drive home and bed time.  All my uncles and cousins like other years prior gather into the living room to watch the games no matter what games are on.  They either watch golf (no thanks), college basketball (no thanks), college football (no thanks), or NFL football (yes please).  All my Aunties and girl cousins gather in the kitchen and around the table and lots of gossip happens their about people in their community.  My family (mom and brother) live in a different city, everyone else lives in the same city.  So sometimes the conversation is hard to fellow but still nice chatting and catching up with them.

Family time in general is so important to me because you never know when someones time is up or how much time you have left with them.

God Bless



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