Snowstorm Weekend

Living in Wisconsin is always a fun time especially during Spring.  We went from having days in the upper 40’s to 50’s this week to being hit with a good old snow storm named Evelyn this weekend.  This started on Friday with rain and a thunderstorm which froze after the temps dropped and later Friday night turned into snow.  It snowed all day Saturday which meant a lot of family time and it was AWESOME.  We made art projects, watched movies, and ate pizza and chips.  We woke up this morning thinking maybe it stopped snowing but nope it was still snowing and is currently still snowing and blowing.  Its not suppose to stop tell Monday sometime.  The schools in Wisconsin have already cancelled for Monday which means no work for me tomorrow and some business and closed around the state too.

Having so much time at home has helped me think about my goals for 2018.  One of those goals is to truly love my body.  I want to stop looking at myself in the mirror with my swim suit on and pick apart my body.  Wishing my arms were more muscular, that the side of my legs had less fat, and so on.  I want to look at myself in the mirror and say, “dang this body looks awesome and is awesome”.  I know someday I will get to this point it will just take some time, some work, and I’m ready to do it.  I look forward to sharing my journey.

~God Bless,



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