Favorite top 10 Movies

I’m the type of person who likes noise in the background when doing anything from cleaning to homework.  Noise in the background oddly keeps me focused on what I’m doing.  Is anyone else like this???  So growing up and even into my mid twenties I would play/watch movies from sun up tell sun down.  A lot of them where my favorite movies and some where movies I was watching for the first time.  I would even play my favorite movies to help me fall asleep.  Sense my husband switched to a different work shift and goes to bed before I do, I haven’t fallen asleep to my favorite movies in a long time.

Here we go, my top 10 favorite movies are…….

*First Blood

Image result for rambo first blood part 2

From Google Images

*First Blood; part two……ALL TIME FAVORITE

*First Blood; part 3

*Steel Magnolias

*Dirty Dancing

*You’ve Got Mail

*G.I Jane

*Justice League

*Batman; Dark Knight Raises


Image result for Moana

From Google Images

Take Care and Gob Bless,



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