These last couple of months I have been feeling like I need share my story about my Eating Disorder and how life has been thus far.  When I started having these feelings I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about sharing my story.  I had the idea of going to talk to Volleyball teams and other girl sport teams but then I thought “wow, that means you need confidence in talking in front of  crowds”.  Which isn’t my strongest skill currently so, I changed my mind for now.  I was chatting with Tim and he reminded me about my blog (this blog) and how I had enjoyed it so much in the past years.  Oh my goodness, I thought, how did I forgot about my blog especially since I have a Pinterest board labeled Blog and Body Image.

I would like to blame the fact of me forgetting about this blog on “mom brain”  seeing how I have a total of two children now.  Two very active and rambunctious boys that I wouldn’t change for the world.  But to but honest, it was life.  Life distracted me from something that I loved doing and found confidence in doing.  I know I have misspelled words from time to time but writing for fun and writing about something that means a lot to me gives confidence and I know I’m not going to be judged or graded.  I will try my best and keep the dictionary close by.  😉

On this blog I want to share my struggles and triumphs as a women dealing with an Eating Disorder, who is a mom of 2, working full time, working out, and seeking adventure.

I look forward to sharing so much more!  God bless!



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