A Letter to Myself

Dear Angela,

Your a wonderful mother.  Please take time to enjoy your boys, play with them, watch them grow and learn.  Life is too short to sweat the little stuff.  Relaxe and take deep breaths when days are tough and the nights are long.  Put the “house chores” on the back burner, they will always be waiting for you.  The children won’t always be their, enjoy them while you can.  Do something fun every day even if its some small, the kids will have a blast because your spending time with them.  Put the phone down and walk away, facebook and snap chat will still be there after the kids go to sleep.

I know the last 5 months have been very tough for you dealing with the lose of the most important man in your life, your dad.  I know you’ve been crying yourself to sleep each night thinking of your dad and missing him so much that you can’t move to whip the tears from your eyes before they roll down your check into your ears.  I know you feel guilty and horrible for not seeing your dad regularly after you had Robbie but when they meet each other it was 13423766_10154268700302726_480133993017968282_n (1)special.  Robbie was just a month old when your dad held him for the first time and they were both starring at each other with those deep blue eyes studying each others features.  You could feel the love and happiness those two gave each other in that moment.   I know the last time you went to visit your dad at the commentary and tears started streaming down your check, your voice started to crack when your trying to explain to Dominic were grandpa Jim is, and then that sweet little boy who can only hear your crying tells you “it’s okay Momma, Grandpa Jim loves us.”  You know in that moment your Dad is still with you and will be with you everyday of the rest of your life.  He is always with your boys.  Stay strong Angela and love your family and your life.

Angela, your body is beautiful, strong, muscular, curvy, and sexy.  Your body has survived a bumpy rollercoaster of a ride battling an eating disorder.  Your body has created, grew, developed, and delivered two healthy, strong, and handsome boys with the help of Tim.  Your body is full of life and is so much more then worrying about what size shirts and pants you can squeeze your body into.  The size of clothing doesn’t matter, what matters is how they fit and if your rocking the type clothing you like.  Your body will love you forever as long as you give your body healthy, delicious, and fabulous food.  You body will love you as long as you keep it active and are having fun.

Lastly Angela don’t let others try to tell you how to run your life, your household, your marriage, or your children.  You do what you and your family believe is right and what is right for you, your family, and marriage.

Love yourself too.


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