Tough Mudder 9-7-14

Sorry I am a little late on posting this but at least I posted it right lol!

So, on Sunday September 7th, 2014 Tim, Kimberly, and myself competed in the Tough Mudder.  Which is 12 to 13 miles long and filled with 22 to 25 obstacles and some pretty steep hills we had to climb.  It was the best time of my life.  I suggest everyone should do this event sometime in their life and the proceeds go to a really good cause, Wounded Worrier.

So, the first obstacle was a small wall to get into the pit where there was man going over the rules and other information.  So, I thought to myself, ” I got this small wall, I don’t need Tim’s help.”  With that being said, Tim went first like it was nothing and then I went.  I was able to push myself up and then my hand slipped and smack, I landed on my ribs.  My first reaction was to laugh and  then I thought, “WOW that’s a great start to this event!”

As I was running with my team mates and completing obstacles, I was thinking to myself about how this event is such a good character builder for a person and it made me think about all aspects of life.  Such as, fitness, mental, spirituality, emotional, and how all of those aspects of life are needed to some degree  from completing courses/obstacles like this to being happy in life.  This is also like battling an eating disorder.  If you let those negative thoughts about your body, food, and what you eat constantly fill your mind your going to be hurting and struggling to stay afloat.  that is why for me I try to kick those right away like I did with my thoughts regarding the obstacles.  Positive thoughts make a good difference and are important in staying on the road of good health in all the aspects of life.

Before this day came, I truly believed I wouldn’t be able to complete most of the courses due to the lack of upper body strength I though I didn’t have but that day when I saw the obstacles I thought to myself. “I got this, I’m going to kick all the obstacles ass”!  I think I changed my mind due to the others around me.  Everyone was so bumped up, excited, and ready to take on the world.  So I followed along and I’m very happy I did.  I am very happy I did this event and  can’t wait until next year and I will be  in a little better shape so I worn’t be so sore the next two days.

Take Care,




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