Fox Cities Marathon

Hello there,

Once again it has been sometime since I have posted a blog.  I am very sorry and I am extremely busy with 3 jobs,  crazy I know lol.

So, lets get started!  On September 21st or 22nd (I can’t remember for sure) I ran my first 1/2 Marathon and LOVED every minute of it and plan on running another next year.  I was blessed with running the Marathon with my cousin Molly and we ran together the entire time.  We started off very strong, listening to no music, strong pace, and no rain.  When we reached approached mile 8 we both looked at each other, smiled, and put our ear buds in and turned on our music.  We also slowed down our pace which I was happy about and it sadly started to mist.  At least everyone wouldn’t be able to tell if I was sweating really bad or if it was rain hahaha.  There is always something positive for something negative.  For this event we had two goals; goal one: to NOT walk at all.  Drinking water does count because she and I are not the most graceful people at drinking water and running at the same time lol.  Our second goal was to finish under 2 hours and 30 minutes.  We achieved BOTH goals, we never walked besides drinking water and we finished at 2 hours and 18 minutes!  WHOOT WHOOT!!

Leading about to this event, she and I didn’t really train like we should have.  I think I ran maybe 2 times in August and the same with her.  In the Spring time she and I were running often but life took over.  She is in college and exams started popping up and with me, well boards, jobs, wife duties, and mommy duties started to take over.

While I was running, I kept thinking about how this event is related to life.  As I was running I wanted to stop, I was sore, and just at enough at times.  Does that sound familiar with life?  As the thoughts and temptations filled my mind, I would glance over at my cousin who was also experiencing some pain and discomfort BUT she kept pushing herself.  She was for sure my motivator.  I was also thinking about how proud I would be of myself to finish strong and how I achieved my goals and those thoughts were my motivator too.

Life obstacles and event obstacles will sadly also be there no matter what and over come those obstacles when needs to believe in themselves and the people who are in your life/sharing those moments of struggles.


Have a great hump day!1907834_854518737905220_3996645907156325672_n


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