Week of fitness Mon and Tue

Well today is the day that I have hopped back onto the working out train.  Timothy informed me that there is only 2 1/2 weeks until the Tough Mudder.  OH BOY!!  So I decided I need to get my butt back into better shape.  It was almost a month sense I have done anything physically demanding.  I’m not going to lie, getting started really sucked and I totally didn’t want to was taking my sweet time heading down into the basement but I did it.   So I jumped onto the elliptical and busted out 20 minutes on a demanding course.  While getting my sweat on, I was playing Words with Friends, thank goodness, that means I wasn’t getting board and slowing down.  After that, I started to pump the iron, squats, and crunched my abs.  Surprisingly, I didn’t feel to sore on Tuesday until the afternoon, then I was like “holy cow” lol but a good sore.

On Tuesday, I wasn’t able to break free to the basement due to needing to get some work done last night for today (Wednesday) and I wasn’t going to work out at 11:00 pm when I finally was done with my work.  No Thank You.  But, because I did know that I wouldn’t be able to hit the gym, Dominic and I did go on a nice walk.  We even challenged ourselves with some hills.  So I count the walk has a good work out.

I came across an article that stated when an individual stops working out that your body changes.  I didn’t really  believe this but I really do know.  I started to notice last week that not only were my cloths fitting differently but my body felt differently.  My arms and legs were less toned, by stomach was bloated, gassy (I know, just what you wanted to know), and I had some massive head aches.  Within that week I also wasn’t eating the greatest like I normally do, ice cream, wheat crap, and cheese.  To much in a small time frame.  So, I believe the two mixed together was a horrible idea. HAHA.  So, needless to say I totally believe that it is a GREAT idea to get at least 20 to 30 minutes of some short of physical exercise 3 to 4 days a week to help keep yourself regular in all area’s of the body.


  Tough Mudder 2014


God Bless



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