Tricky Depression

Well, I made it threw my first week on my own with 5 members.  WHOOT WHOOT.  It has been a challenge at times but also a good learning experience.  To be totally honest, I am loving my new job and I am learning so much.  I love my job even more when I get my own computer and can really utilize the resource’s in the office at Thompson Community Center, that will be WONDERFUL.  I love seeing the members interacting with each other and enjoying what I have planned.  Even if it them singing a along/getting involved or doing the simplest thing such has smiling, tapping their foot.  That to me means they are enjoying it!  I have a busy weekend of playing with my sweet little boy and doing some MAJOR cleaning…yes it’s the freak-in weekend! 😀

As we all know, Robbin Williams passed away on Monday by suicide due to deep depression.  Depression is no joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly by others i.e, doctors, family, friends, or the individual who is suffering with depression.  There is nothing to be ashamed about either, depression affects us all at some point of our life.  If its not at this vary moment, it might happen 5, 10, or 20 years from now.  There is nothing wrong with asking for help either, if its with a doctor or seeing a consular or therapist.  Kudos to you for asking for help!!

I am going to be totally honest.  I have gone threw some dark times of my life when battling with depression and sadly I didn’t do anything about it.  But, when I was at Rodgers Memorial Hospital over coming Anorexia nervous and over exercising.  I was educated with the tools to recognize when I was slipping down the hill with the Eating Disorders and exercising.  In addition to those tools, I was also blessed with the tools to be able to identify when I’m depressed and what I should do.  I am proud to say I haven’t had any issue with being depressed since I had a little with post par-tum depression after Dominic’s birth.

When I was malnourished, before I received help at Rogers, at times I would wonder what it would be like to (sad to say) drive off the road.  I Thankfully never, ever tired but the thought was there.

The mind can tricky when there is a chemical imbalance or when malnourished.

Take Care,



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