What a week!

So this week was my first week at my new job!!  It was very exciting but kind of nerve racking at the same time.  Not only did I ran my first class/group on Monday with new clients but I also had to do the planning and prepping without being able to utilize the resources at the facility due to not having the proper access yet or my own computer.  I ran my very first class/group on Monday and I have learned so much from that one day and from the entire week in general.  My second class/group on Wednesday went A LOT better but still a lot of pumps to work out.  But I believe that I am on the right path and until I have a good understanding of how to meet everyone needs and to keep the activities appropriate it’s just a guessing game.  Trail and error to be exact and that is the only way sometimes one will learn.  However, I do need a volunteer like ASAP and I hope hope two come my way like by this up coming Monday.  I know wishful thinking but its worth a shoot.

So getting back to Monday, I worked from 9 am to 7 pm and I didn’t get home until 7:30.  I was driving like a mad women to get home and at least have a 1/2 to spend with Dominic.  While, when I got home Timothy had already tucked Dominic into bed because he was really sleepy and rubbing his eyes like crazy Tim said.  That was the vary first time I didn’t get to tuck my little boy into bed.  That has never happened to me before and I just started crying.  Tim just looked at me like “what in the world is wrong” and I told him exactly what was wrong and he said “it’s okay and “Dominic still loves you”.  That meant so much to me that I started to cry a even more.  Oh the joys of being a women, how we can be so over dramatic and emotional sometimes. lol  When I was in school, I had a class on Monday nights that went from 5 pm to 9/9:30 pm and sometimes I wouldn’t see Dominic but most times I did because he was just a little baby and was’t really on a sleep schedule.  He also  has spent the night with grandparents , we have had babysitters but I have never missed bed time due to work.  It just broke my heart.  During this week not only did I run my own class/group like I said but on top of that I was doing my orientation and attending the other class/group on Tuesday and Thursday.  So, in a nut shell, I had a vary L-O-N-G week but totally worth it.



This quote is so true and sometimes that is all you can do!

Have a wonderful weekend all!!

God Bless



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