I want to share my goals for 2014.  I know we are almost 1/2 threw the year but I have some new goals and old goals that I have accomplished and would like to share.

2014 Goals

  • Pass NBCOT~May 30th, 2014
  • 1/2 Marathon~September 26, 2014
  • Tough Mudder ~ September 7th
  • Religion
  • Family & Friend Time
  • Find a job as COTA
  • New Fitness Classes~Yoga & Pole Dancing
  • Become a regular blogger~once or twice a week

Like a said above, I just added some new goals to my list due to completing a few.  Back in May I passed the most important exam in my life.  I passed the NBCOT, which allows me to add a C to my credentials.  I am now Angela COTA lol.  So in place of this goal, I decided to add 2 more goals.  Those goals are; find a job and becoming a regular blogger.  When I mean regular blogger, I just want to keep up with my blog by posting at least once or twice a week.  I sometimes tend to start something and go strong for a few weeks or months and then get “busy” (not really) or just do not feel like doing it.  When I started this blog, I really didn’t think many people would be interested in reading my posts.  But as I was looking around the my dashboard, I have noticed that there is a handful or more of people that are reading my posts and following me.  So, I began to think about it, and realized it isn’t fair to them if I just stopped or only added posts once a month.  So, this lead me to my blogging goal. I also want to include articles and maybe forces on certain topics.

I accomplished another goal, finding a job as a COTA (Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant).  I just started a new job last Tuesday and I not 100% sure yet if I can post where or who I am working for.  So I will give you a brief summary of what I am doing, I facilitate a group 2 days a week right now, that is working with individuals that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer,  Dementia,  or memory loss.  Even though this job isn’t labeled as COTA position, I am basically using all the skills that I have learned in my schooling.  I find this kind of funny, while I was completing my schooling, I always told myself and everyone that I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER would work with the Geriatric population.  I only wanted to work with children or young adults, well news flash, I enjoyed working with both populations during my schooling and I am now  working with the Geriatric population.  I have learned so much from the members already and I only attended one day.  They are full of so much knowledge and life experiences.

The second and third bullets on my list have a date and are already paid for, so there is no backing out of now!  I am very excited to participate in my first half marathon and Tough Mudder, but I am also very scared at the same time.  So far, I haven’t gotten very much training in for the month of August but I am looking to change that after this week.  With the new job and all, it may take some time for everything to become re-balanced out again.

My fourth goal is religion and it’s vary vague.   I have been Catholic my entire life and I still somewhat consider myself to be but I just haven’t found a church that I like.  So, as of right now I am looking into Christian churches and I have attended two churches so far and I really enjoyed each of them.  I haven’t fully committed to either church yet because I want to check out some other Christian churches before I make the BIG decision.  I have a feeling that this goal maybe around for quite some time. lol

You might be wondering why in the world I have family and friend time for my fifth goal.  Well, as we all know, our lives become very busy sometimes.  Either busy with work, the kids, volunteering, schooling, vacations, and much more.  Family and friend time sometimes becomes forgotten and I have been guilty of doing this from time to time again.  So, I figured this would be a great goal to have and a good reminder for each week to make me accountable for planning a little get together or giving someone a call.

New fitness classes!!  Yes, you read correctly, pole dancing is a fitness class that I am VARY interested in taking.  This class is even on my bucket list, its a big deal.  Not only does this class improve your dancing skills, skills for the bedroom ;-), but it works all the muscles in your body.  This class would be a great one to use for preparing for the Tough Mudder.  The second class is YOGA, I love doing Yoga, but I am sadly becoming board with my Jillian Micheals Yoga DVD at this moment.  I need something new, so I thought why not take a Yoga class.  Yoga has really improved my flexibility tremendously.  I can lay on my back and left my legs and they can stay straight.  I haven’t been able to do that my entire life.  Yoga is awesome.  Now if I could only fit this classes into my weeks lol, it will happen.

Here’s one step to completing one of my goals for 2014……WHOOT WHOOT

God Bless



Goals for 2014


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