What is Balance?

Now that summer has finally arrived, there are many outside activities that I want to take part in i.e hiking, road biking, and so many more.  But then I  remember I’m a mom  😀 .  Don’t get my wrong I LOVE being a mom and I look forward to it every single day but boy it makes it a little harder to do stuff and its tiring lol.  Dominic is such a busy, busy boy and loves to be outside, which is AWESOME!!

Like most moms I have a job outside of my job at home 😉 and that job can be exhausting, but mostly fun.  Most times I find it hard to balance everyday tasks such as house responsibilities, Dominic, exercise, career, family, Church, me time, pets, cooking, flowers,  and I think that is it (I can’t remember any more right now).  Most days I will have it all planned out on what I am doing each day; such as cleaning, when I will exercise, what I’m making for dinner, and getting Charlie (my dog) on a walk.  All that stuff is planned around my work schedule and Tim/Dominic.  Most times this all happens before Dominic wakes up in the morning but I great deal of it happens after he goes to bed.  That is the thing about balance, you think you have it all planned out and it’s going to work.  BUT stuff pops up throughout the day and the plan doesn’t goes has you’ve planned and hoped.  Which can be very irritating, but you do your best and get done what needs to be done in that moment and move onto the next.

My biggest struggle is taking “me time”, whenever I do, which isn’t often I feel so bad.  I always feel like I should be spending time with my family or Dominic or I should be doing some stuff around the house.  So when I do have “me time” I don’t really enjoy it at all due to those feelings.  Silly I know.  I am hoping to improve on that area, someday.  Why is it that one always feels so bad when they take “me time”? Please respond to this question, I would like hear some reasons. Thank You in advance.

Take Care



4 thoughts on “What is Balance?

  1. I think as moms it is especially hard for us to feel ok with having “me time.” We know that there are so many things that we could be doing and so much that needs to get done. I feel guilty when I take time for myself as well. It is so important to take time to be with yourself and also with the Lord. You need this time to refresh so that you can be the best mom that you can be.

    • Hi Alex,
      Sorry it has taken me such a long time to reply to your comment but I just, today, figured out how to reply to a comment. Thank You for taking the time to not only ready my post but to also answer my question about “what is Balance?”. I totally agree with you about how it is so important to take some time to be with yourself but also the lord. Taking time for myself is slowly getting better but still needs a lot of work BUT I am proud to say I have been taking time for the Lord every night before bed or on my drive to work. Isn’t that the truth with how much stuff needs to be done when home on a day off or on the weekend lol It’s like it never ends hahaha.
      Once again Thank You for reading my post.
      God Bless

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