4th of July Weekend

Hi everyone,

I am a little behind but hey that is life right?

This past weekend was 4th of July and I had a BLAST.  I was blessed to spend a lot of time with Dominic and family.  Friday we went to the beach with family, had a cookout their, and then had another cookout later that night.  Then, on Saturday we relaxed, which means me mostly chasing Dominic around outside :D, and Sunday we spent some time with my Dad.  Visiting my Dad is always challenge with Dominic.  He never stops moving.  He just keeps running, and running, and running!  He runs around the living room, runs up and down the hallway, and then he tries to bust into other patients rooms.  What a little stinker. But in the end we all had a fun time!

So, on Friday, I had one of my biggest challenges and it did not dawn on me until Saturday morning.  Friday I wore a bikini swim suit!  And I haven’t wore one since I found out I was pregnant with Dominic, so two Junes ago.  On Friday, I thought I looked pretty good, I do however have lots of stretch marks on my stomach, hips, and inner thighs BUT I look at them as my tiger strips.  Yes, some days I hate them but in the some mind I earned them.  Dominic is well worth it.

Everyday brings a new challenge, it may be small or it may may be big.  Another challenge for that weekend was not eating the greatest.  Now that is full on summertime, there are a lot of cook outs and lets be honest I good cook out involves brats, hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, chips and some kind of cold salad or two.  Don’t get me wrong there are some healthy food out of that list, protein for sure!  😀   But who’s to say you can’t have a hand full of chips and maybe a hamburger and a hot dog?  If your hungry, your hungry, and it’s summer time enjoy it.  Sometimes I think we put to much pressure on our shelves to make sure we always get very clean and if you going to “cheat”, only a little.  Remember friends, you only live once and as long as you balance everything out during the week i.e working out, sleeping, mental rest, and all that good stuff then its okay.  All I know when I am old and looking back at my life, I want to know that I lived free of food, free of guilt, and most importantly free of an eating disorder.

Happy Friday!!


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