My Little Boy

As I was sitting on the couch last night, I was thinking about how I didn’t do much for exercise and haven’t done the 30 Day Ab Challenge that I started in the beginning of the month.  I sadly, sustained an injuring while doing the ab challenge and haven’t been able to do it for a few days.  While I was sitting their feeling sorry for myself, all the negative thoughts and body thoughts started flooding my mind.  Then, I heard a little boy laughing.  When I looked at Dominic, he was smiling from ear to ear at me.  Right then, I forgot about everything I was currently thinking about and said to myself, “You look great, everything happens for a reason, and Dominic love’s you no matter what.”  Then, that little boy climbed onto the couch and came running to me and gave me the biggest hug and started laughing.  He was so full of energy last night, it was CRAZY!!  At one point he was just running laps from one end of the house to the door.  There is a step before the door and he just flew over that step and landed on his tummy.  It was so funny, it looked like he was trying to fly like superman.  He looked up at me and just started laughing and did it again.  I am very Thankful and grateful that God has blessed Tim and I with this little boy and I make sure I Thank Him every single day and hope he blesses up with more! 😉

I constantly remind myself that working out should and needs to be fun and exciting!  So with that being said, does anyone want to do Pole Dancing with me?  It’s a good workout for the body but it’s sexy and very fun!  From what I have heard, I haven’t done it yet.  It’s on my bucket list!

God Bless and Happy Friday


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