The Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and was able to enjoy the nice, warm, and sunny weather.

This weekend was one of the toughest weekends I have had in a long time.  My body image sucked this weekend.  I was constantly worrying about how my body looked, what I was eating, and feeling bad kind after what I had eaten.  This is so ANNOYING!!  I just want to not worry, I want to be able to enjoy life, and know that I look great no matter what!

It all started this weekend when I work up Saturday morning and my left foot was killing me.  I think it was because I wore sandals Friday night to the T-Rats game. or just the sandals in general aren’t good.  This pain was along the outer side of my foot, up to my ankle bone, my shine and then back down to parts of the bottom.  I quickly Google and I believe I had/have planter fasciitis.  So, began doing the suggested stretches and elevated my foot whenever I could.  So, far today, it feel GREAT and I hope it stays this way.

That hard part was not exercising, I still took Dominic and Charlie on a 2-3 mile walk Saturday and Sunday but normally on the weekend is when I do my long runs.  I am preparing for the Tough Mudder and the Fox Cities Half Marathon in September (whoot whoot).  So, of course all the negative body image thoughts and just negative thoughts in general are/were flooding my mind.  The makes me sad, so mad and just pisses my right off.  I basically had to self talk myself into not going on a run or do any form of physical exercise, with the reason of possibly hurting/damaging my foot even more.  But man it was so tough and exhausting to convince myself.

So, this morning on Pinterest I searched body image and found some pretty amazing quotes, pictures, and videos that I am going to look at everyday to help myself get of this body image problem.  Sadly, there are probably millions of girls/women who are experiencing this same problem due to our crazy society.

My over all goal is to be able to love my body no body how it looks and to be healthy mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  To accomplish this rather large goal it will be tough but I am extremely ready for the challenge and change.

Positive Body Image!


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