Now, in the moment

Before i continue with the post, I just want to give a big Thank You to the friends and family who took time out of your day to read my first post.  It has brought joy to my day knowing that I have given some insight and an understanding on how an eating disorder can destroy someone’s life and their potentially their future.  But like all challenges in life, one can over come the mental illness and achieve recovery with the support from God, family, and friends.

I am going to be totally honest, last week and this week so far have been tough for me.  Now, that I have reached my goal of losing my baby weight and tightening up, I now, need to even everything out.  That would mean eating habits, food, and working out.  I have began to slightly stress out about making sure I only eat certain things, like no carbs, and that I do some short of physical activity every day.  After, looking at myself in the mirror over the weekend, I don’t like how skinny I look.  So, I have taken matters into my own hands and I am changing the eating habits to what a person who is physically active should consume in a day.  Even though it has been tough to change that mind site of “dieting” or eating healthy ( a little to healthy), I am proud to say I am making that change.

Sadly with change there are always fear of the unknown or fears of what will happen once your make that change.  The fear of making that positive, healthy change for me is that i will gain all the baby weight back.  I know its a silly fear, but I am being honest.  Also, for me I have fears if I don’t make those positive, healthy changes that I will miss out on the important events of life, such as, more children, family get together, camping, hiking, zoo’s, runs, and so many mores.

I have found a blog called The Nourished Life and the author wrote a post called “How I Stopped Hating My Body”.  I have read this post and it has helped me to start accepting my body again and to love my body.  I suggest, others should read this post if your having a hard time accepting your body.

How I Stopped Hating My Body - The Nourished Life


Here is the link 😀

Have a wonderful week and enjoy Memorial weekend.  Safe travels to all!


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