Before 2014

Hello there!!  Before you being reading the post below, I just want to explain what this blog is about.  It is about my journey in life as a mom, wife, and a women with an Eating Disorder.  I feel that God has told me to share my story about my life journey and show that recovery from an Eating Disorder can be achieved and  one can still live a healthy life style.  Writing a blog is new to me and I am learning as I go and it is also hard for me to write about my life.  Also, I am not the greatest speller in the world so please forgive me, I will try my best!  😀

P.S: Please feel free to skip over parts if you would like, there is a lot there lol!

Before it all in began i.e family, occupation, and belief I came from a family of four.  Like all families my family had some flaws.  My parents are older, my brother and I are 12 years apart, and we lived by the fair grounds.  My parents are pretty awesome individuals but they both had some addiction problems and along with some problems in their marriage.  They are/were addicted to anything horrible by any means but there are not the greatest.  One was addicted to alcohol and the other is addicted to those darn cigarettes.  So in a short, quick story, sometimes life was tough when growing up.

As soon as I graduated high school I moved in with my boyfriend, now husband, and his sister and attended college in the big town of Appleton.  While attending school my dad became sick with something awful, Viral/Bacterial Meningitis, which left him with some pretty bad defects.  In 2014 he has come along way in his road of recovery and I feel blessed everyday that he is still here with me and can watch my son grow.

September 2010

After my dad’s horrible sickness, Tim and I got married in September 2010 but best time of my life and also the lowest time of my life. I had so much going on my life at that time that I felt I was having hard time controlling, I was stressed, and I felt fat.  So, I good way to release stress, feel control, and also loose some weight I began working out and watching what I eat.  I also started weighing myself daily and sadly that turned into weighing myself multiple times in a day.  Unfortunately by my wedding in September the dieting and working out turned into a obsession and was slowly starting to take over my life.

When October came and we went to Hawaii for our honey moon I was so concerned with not being able to workout or eat right that I really didn’t enjoy all of the honey moon sadly.  A newly married couple normally are busy in bed if you now what I mean 😉  and I was the opposite at the time and still to this day i feel horrible for Tim.

When December came I had reached the lowest weight I ever been and never want to be at again.  I was 98 pounds and slowly reaching death.  The day after Christmas I had to go to the ER, I had a temp of 103 degrees and could barley function.  I received an IE and was told I have a problem and need to see my family doctor ASAP.  So, after that appointment and I schedule to see my doctor, that is when he diagnosed me with an eating disorder known as Anorexia Nervous and over exercising.  This is when my journey to recovery began and he helped me receive some help.  I was on the waiting list to attend Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc for in paint treatment.  I will tell you right now that was one of the hardest day’s of my life thus far.  I had to stay in a lock down unit with lots of rules and I had to be away from Timothy.

I started treatment right away and I had lab work done, physical done, meal planning, done and then I had to meet with the Psychologist.  And boy was she a blunt person and told me how it was.  She straight out told me that I was killing my body, all my organs were shutting down and I was not going to be able to have any children.  When I was told I couldn’t have children, man that is when the light bulb came on and I really pushed myself to express feelings and make it to recovery.  I didn’t want to be a person that came back multiple times and wasn’t making any gains and their were some people their like that some young, some older, mothers, and men.  I stayed on the unit for a few weeks and then once I reached that weight that my team wanted me to reach I was discharged and start outpatient care.  My wonderful Aunt and Uncle opened their home to me and I was able to continue therapy because of them.

After that experience, I was discharged, I think in the Spring time and I was SO HAPPY to see Tim and my fur babies!!  I cried!

Dominic William Stearns February 18th

I still had to attend some therapy and see a nutritionist and slowly the time, frequency, and duration of the appointment become shorter and t hen ended.  Whoot Whoot.  They end around June 2012 and Timothy and I were surprised with some awesome news, I was pregnant!!  I felt and still feel that I had proven my previous Psychologist wrong!!  Prior to my pregnancy and during my pregnancy I had no problems with over exercising or eating I was on the right path still!!  Almost my entire pregnancy I was attending college again 😀  This time I was getting my associated degree in Occupational Therapy, one of the toughest programs a the teach and boy was it but I am proud to say I only took 2 weeks off when I had Dominic and still have to attend a class via Skype and I graduated in December 2013!!  Whoot Whoot.

God Bless!!


2 thoughts on “Before 2014

  1. Jennifer Ross says:

    Angela, Thank you for listening to God and being brave to share your story!
    What makes us loveable and memorable, is that our life isn’t perfect. I love listening to peoples stories for those who want to share and encourage them moving forward. Life is all about learning, bumps, really big dives and celebrations. I’m glad to hear that you are doing better! And you have such a wonderful family with Tim and Dominic. I look forward to reading more words from you!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Sorry it has taken me such a long time to respond to your comment. I truly just (this morning) figured out how to do so and oh my gosh, it is very simple lol. Thank You for taking time out of your day to ready my post/story it really means a lot to me. Writing my story was a big step for me and it still is. For some reason I always worry about what others will think and how their feeling about me may change but then I realize that he or she isn’t worth my time anymore if they can’t handle the truth about my past and my current travel done the path of recovery.
      Once again Thank You so much for taking the time!
      God Bless you and your family

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