I need this to breath

Albuterol Inhaler

When I was in elementary school I was diagnosed with activity induced asthma and had to us an inhaler as needed while being activity. I played a lot of sports from volleyball, basketball, and softball and played them all year round and I wouldn’t have changed that at all. I would however change how competitive it can be to be the best player and would change it to being enjoyable but still competitive with the other team.

A few years in my asthma was becoming worse and I needed more medication besides an inhaler to help me breath. So I want to a pulmanary doctor and he prescribed my two meds which help tramensicely. That doctor, my primary doctor, and family would tell me that as I age it will get better or I would grow out of it. Every year I got older my ashtma never got better and I started to be come very embarrased by it. While playing sporting games and practices I would have a asthma attack and it was always loud. My broncial tubes in my lungs become flammed and getting air in and out is very hard and wizzing occurs and my wizzing was always loud and still is. Teamates would stare and people in the audicance would stare and I don’t blame them but it does it annoying. I had a coach once tell me that I really don’t have asthma that I’m actually hyperventalating on purpose. What that coach said crush me and made my hate that sport and I really didn’t want to finish out the season but I wasn’t allowed to quit.

As I age and my journey with asthma continues, I’ve learned to manage it better and respect it. I know that sounds silly but it’s true. You need to respect asthma or any other medical condition that you have and really understand how it affects your body. I no longer push myself anymore during physical activity and I take more breaks when needed. Taking deeps soothing breaths really helps and in visioning my lunges open and close each time I take a breath really helps and I suggest doing that. My asthma isn’t leaving me anytime soon, I’ve just learned how to deal with it.

~God Bless



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