Cute Puppy Alert!!

Hey All!!! I hope you guys are doing great and staying safe! We have a new member to the family. I would like you to meet Wanda!

Wanda at a month old

Wanda was born around June 20th and she’s currently 4 months old and she huge! Once I get a updated photo of her I’ll share for sure. Wanda is a Mastiff and a Rottweiler mix and is projected to be about 135 pounds! Oh boy haha. She’s the first female dog we’ve ever had and she’s the biggests lap dog we’ve had too. She’s such a sweetie pie and very loving and wanted to do nothing more then please you. She’s doing really good with potty training and so far is real good with the other animals. Charlie didn’t know what to think of her at first but grew to kind of like her and Cindy (the cat) is not a fan. She has nothing to do with Wanda and keeps her distance. We have a another cat that we saved from that barn back in spring and his name is Wesley and he’s a spunky male cat! Wanda and Wesley are best friends just like Cindy and Charlie are but the two do like to fight for sure.

Wanda and Charlie!

God Bless



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