I had a moment……..

The other morning I was out doing morning chores and I started with the barn animals first like normal.  I left the milk house with a bucket filled with water in one hand for the pigs and a scoop filled with cat food for the cats.  I walked through the barn door and was so surprised to see all six heifers in the barn.  It brought a BIG smile to my face.  I dumped the cats food out and gave water to the pigs and gave them feed right away.  If I wouldn’t have given them feed right away I would have heard all about it from them hahaha.  The are very loud when they want food, they will smash into the wooden panels of the pen and they will squeal so loud until you give them their food.  After I took care of the pigs I went over to give love on the heifers.  As soon as I walked over and started loving on one the other five came over.

It made me so so so happy and right then it dawned on me.  I’m meant to do this, I’m meant to farm and homestead.  This is what makes me truly happy besides my children and husband.  I thought of the heifers, the pigs, the goats, and the chicken and how happy they all make me and how I love caring for them and thanking the ones that provide my family with food.  Farming and homesteading is in my blood and I’m ready to hit this lifestyle full force.  I want myself and my family to become more self efficient this year and really learn where our food comes from.  I want to have the children really involved with all animals now and in the future and with the garden like they were with last years garden.  They were in heaven when the pumpkins started growing and being able to harvest them in fall.  They also loved doing the same with the Zucchini plants.

This year I have so many things I want to do on this farm/homestead.  We are going to be adding more laying hens, meat birds (I’m not sure how many), 4-6 ducks, 4 turkeys, and possibly sheep.  Oh and I really, really would like to add bees to the mix but I need to do some more research first.  The bees might be added on next year.  Also, we are adding a bigger garden that will provide more food for my family but also food for the animals.  I plan on growing extra root vegetables that I can feed to the pigs to help reduce the amount of grain we feed as they get bigger.  Some extra produce will go to the chickens and goats along with the vegetable plants after the last harvest.  All the animals will be in heaven for sure and love all the fresh produce and extra plants.

Also, down the line I would like to get a cow or two and maybe even a dairy cow to possibly hand milk but again I need to do more research on that.  I would like to try and make our own butter which I know I can do now with whole milk I purchase in a store.  So I think I’m going to give that a go first and save up my pennies for that cow lol.

I plan on sharing this journey with you guys.  I have a feeling this journey is going to help me with this fight against the never ending battle with a eating disorder.

~God Bless, Angela


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