My baby is ONE!!

Where has the time gone?!  My baby lady Josie is turning one tomorrow, ONE!  I feel like she shouldn’t be this old yet.  I’m happy shes getting more independent as for as mobility and eating food goes.  I still want my little baby.  I’m sad shes getting so big because she most likely my last baby…….but never say never!  Only God, or the high powers, knows the plan!

A little bit about Josie:

She loves food.  If she had her way she would eat all day.  There isn’t anything she doesn’t like.  Unlike her brothers who are picky, she’ll eat whatever I make for dinner.  Thankfully, Dominic is slowly coming to his senses.  He’s trying more foods and actually liking them.  The only thing we need to be mindful of is she gets constipated very easily.  We make sure she doesn’t eat a lot of cheese or bananas.  She once went TWO weeks without pooping, asides from little tiny rabbit turds that would take all day to come out.  I took her to the doctor and she now gets some juice when we notice she’s having trouble.  Her skin is still very sensitive.  Everything needs to be washed in Dreft and we use Cetaphil.  I tried a different lotion because she had horrible spots of eczema.  She had a allergic reaction to it, all over her little body.  Ugh, I felt so bad.  During the whole thing, she was still a happy go-lucky baby, thank goodness.

Josie started sleeping thought the night around 2/3 months old and never woke up EVER.  Around 9 months when she hit the 9 month regression thing.  She woke up almost every night 3 to 5 times.  Thankfully, now at 11 months almost 12, she wakes up once a night or not at all.  Getting sleep again has been so wonderful and I’m less on edge.  Hopefully this continues!!

Shes been crawling on all fours like a crazy since 9 months old.  Before that, she was army crawling and so she FAST.  She loves to crawl up the steps.  She can climb the stairs all by herself, but she never does it alone.  She does sometimes like to pull a fast one if she sees the gate is down and will make a mad dash for the steps. Usually shes half way up before we noticed.  That’s how fast and quite she is lol.  She keeps us on our toes for sure.

She pulls herself up to standing all the time. She is starting to stand by herself without holding onto anything, which is a good sign.  She will walk along the furniture to get to her brothers, who she loves playing with.  They are so sweet and gentle with her and she will let them know if they’ve made her upset.  She’ll do this loud squeech thing and will kind of start hitting them haha.  Oh how that starts so young. They all love playing in her crib and bouncing around and giggling hard core!  I’m so thankful the boys love their sister so much and love playing with her.  Hopefully, has the years go by it will stay the same but lets be real, we know how siblings are hahahaha.







~God Bless



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