New Year, New Goals

I never liked the whole “New Year Resolutions”even though I’m sad to say I participated in this thinking for so many years just because others did it and I felt like I had to do it in order to fit in.  This list of resolutions always felt vert negative and it was.  There was maybe one or two thing on their that were positive MAYBE but otherwise it was always about weight and looks.  Loosing weight could never just be 5 pounds or just toning up, it had to be like 15 pounds or higher and was followed by needing to fight into a certain brand of jeans like Holster or a certain size and looking a certain way.  I do believe that this type of thinking and listing was a learned habit that my mother shared with me and so did so many of my friends mothers.  For so many years society has talked about how women; single, married, and mothers need to look, how to feel, and what to eat that over the years women have become so obsessed and then that obsession was taught to their daughters and so on.  Which is so upsetting!

So when I started my recover in 2011 I learned a healthier and more positive way to right a New Year Resolution.  The therapists had taught us to use a poster board and name it 2020 Goals and you could write lots of goals you wanted to accomplish or have only a few.  You could decorate your board with photos and lots of fun colors and I always did that.  They also taught us to write more positive goals and kick the negative resolution thinking to the curb.  So for example, instead of writing I want to lose 10 pounds, you would write I want to move my body for 20 minutes a day dancing or take a pole dancing class.  That way of writing so much more encouraging!

I have done the poster board goals for gosh 9 years.  The last time was 2018 and that year I discovered Rachel Hollis and her Gratitude Journal.  I listened to her books and her podcast and learned more about her Gratitude Journal and started using it in 2019.  Rachel Hollis suggests you write your 10 goals daily in the Journal and you right them as if you have already achieved them.  So that way or writing and thinking tricks your mind into thinking it as already accomplished those goals and this so much more encouraging.  Once you’ve completed one of the goals you can fill it with another goal. Also, in the journal you right down five things that you are grateful for for that day.  This way of thinking and writing has helped my stay more positive and excited for my goals and putting in the hard work.

** This isn’t an add for Rachel Hollis or me selling her journal.  I don’t even have her journal.  I use her method and layout which she gives away for free and I have it written down in composition notebook.  I’m just sharing this because it has helped me so much in maintaining my positive mindset.

My Goals

  1. Yoga 2 times a week
  2. Move my body for 30 minutes per day
  3. Be more present with family
  4. Be consistent with blogging
  5. Read/listen to 1 personal development book per month
  6. Read/listen to 1 book of my choice per month
  7. Complete 1 sewing project every 2 months
  8. Be more adventures
  9. Schedule 1 day or 1/2 day for myself
  10. Consume 1 shake a day

Others I’ll put in once those or a few are done

  • remove/reduce 50% of plastic from our house
  • raise a beef cow
  • 60% homesteading
  • Be self sufficient


~God Bless    Angela


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