When it rains man does it pour

You know that saying When it Rains it Pours?  That has been the story of my life this week and thankfully I had off from work to be able to deal with it all.   I think knock on wood that we finally caught a break.

It all started last Friday late in the night when Dominic got sick with the flu that night, all day Saturday, and Sunday evening.  He stayed home Monday and went back to school Tuesday.  Now looking back at it he had complained that his belly hurt Tuesday through Thursday but I thought it had a little to do with having to go to school.  School has been tough for him this year more on that later.  Thursday afternoon I had received a call from the office lady with 15 minutes left of the school day and Dominic told her his belly hurt and she wanted to let me know and decide if he should ride the bus.  I went and picked him up and mind you at this time I was dealing with some 3rd trimester nauseousness that I had been going on for a few days and waddled into the school to pick up him.  He seemed just fine maybe a little sleepy and never complained to me that his belly hurt.

So that night I made sure the boys were in bed by 7:30 pm and asleep by 8:00 pm and I let Dominic sleep in tell 7:00 am instead of getting up early.  I took him to school and he said he was feeling soo much better and was grateful for the sleep.  Well long and behold I received a call around noon saying Dominic had an accident and was in need of and extra change of clothes.  I didn’t mind bringing extra clothes at all but Robbie and I were at the store getting some groceries and Robbie had a well child appointment at 1:20.  So we rushed home, grabbed two pairs of undies and pants and flew to the school.  I didn’t get their tell 12:30/12:45 ish and my poor son was sitting in his poop pants.  She never  wiped him down, he sat in those pants tell I got their and then she had the balls to say “oh great mom is finally here, she can clean you up and change you”.  So that I did and his poor legs started bleeding because the liquid poop at that point had dried onto his legs and bumper and I had to scrub it off hard.  So I’m rushing to clean him off quick and just throwing the socks, undies, and pants away in the trash and Dominic just starts crying.  I felt so bad for him and meanwhile Robbie is in the car waiting and freaking out.  By the time Dominic and I get the car Robbie stripped off his shoes and socks and was in full on screaming mode because he thought I left him.  When I had left him he was sleeping and awake #momfail.

All three of us made it to the doctors office 5 minutes late but we made it #momwin.  I was able to get Dominic seen at the same time that Robbie was seen and man that was crazy.  I decided to have Dominic seen because baby is coming Monday and I just wanted him seen and okay.  Basically she said he has a GI virus and list off two possibilities that I can’t spell but both of which are very very contagious but never said anything about me having to be concerned about baby.  He had two more runny bm’s that night but nothing else no fever and no vomiting praise the Lord.

Earlier in the week I had to make calls and run errands regarding bills that came from our old house.  We were still being charged for insurance on the house and the water bill.  Back in September I had called both places to let them know and clearly niehter company had listened to me so that was irritating but on a plus side we will get some money back from the one place.  Being an adult is fun some days isn’t it.

I was gonna start washing some towels and guess what stopped working…..the dang washer.  I almost lost it.  I have sooo much laundry to do like normal but now its paling up in more and what seems so much faster then normal.  So it looks like we will have to buy a new one because its the belt again that broke or fell off that we had fixed about 3 months ago so why stick more money into it, its a used washer. Well this morning when Robbie woke up he told me he had peed, this child has never peed his bed so I thought he was fibbing but nope he wasn’t.  It wasn’t just a little it was a lot and I lost it, not on Robbie but the universe.  I wasn’t about to pack up two kids, laundry soap, and the nasty pee sheets to fly down to the laundry mat which is only open tell 12 on Saturdays and expose others to what ever Dominic has or have him pick up some new sickness.  Thankfully I have the worlds greatest sister in law who lives in town and I asked him she would wash it for me along with Dominic’s coat and snow pants and she said yes.  Thank goodness.  She has been a life saver in this whole pregnancy and for sure today.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring I hope nothing else and I hope its smooth sailing and lots of cuddles with the boys  before the night comes and an early morning arises.

Thank You for listening and please share if your week was tough or if there were any #momfails or #momwins!!

~God Bless,



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