Back to Work I go

I’m 35 weeks and I went back to work yesterday and boy oh boy I was tired last night.  I was with the three year olds and didn’t do a too much due to my dang pants not fitting good.  Which was weird because I have worn the pair with both boys but they didn’t work this pregnancy so it was very uncomfortable to move.  I still got some stuff done.  It felt great going back to work but so strange at the same time, I missed sitting at home and cuddling with Robbie and speaking of Robbie trying to leave yesterday morning without him was horrible.  I cried, cried, and cried all morning that I was leaving and cried some more when I actually was trying to squeeze out the door.  I had to call the hubs to come help me so I could leave on time and to be honest I cried.  It broke my heart that he was that upset but it makes total sense, I have been with him for 3 weeks and we’ve done everything together.  I don’t get much time to myself child free or time outside the house child free so whenever I want to work on something in my craft room they both were or Robbie was in the next room playing which is the play room or they were in my craft room next to me.

A rant is below……… have been warned lol

I spent all day on Sunday cleaning the bottom level of the house which really needed it.  I had been cleaning and such well I was off but you know how some room or certain chores get ignored because you such don’t want to do it, well that happened to me.  That’s how I feel about sweeping and mopping.  Sweeping should be done every other day in all three rooms that do not have carpet and all the room are HUGE.  I also think part of me was in nesting mood which helped and filled my tank to keep going or to get so much done.  I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom including mopping the floor, I cleaned the dinning room top to bottom but didn’t mop the floor only swept.  It has original wood and I’m nervous about mopping it, and I cleaned the living room which is the biggest room of the three also top to bottom.  I did squeeze cleaning the bathroom in there well two of the floors were drying.  They looked sooooo beautiful when I was done and I felt awesome about it.  Cleaning all three room took me about 3 to 4 hours give or take.  I came home from work yesterday evening and was devastated.  I bomb had gone off in the living and there was coloring stuff everywhere.  We all know the golden rule, “if you want to color, you color in your room on your desk or at the dinning room table”.  My hubs was soooo busy playing bolt action with his brother that he let the boys do what ever they wanted.  Along with the coloring explosion, there were big boxes and little boxes from me opening the stroller and car seat box the night before and I didn’t care the boys were playing on it but I at least thought the hubs would have picked up some of it, boy was I wrong.  I came into the kitchen and my once clean counter was filled and is still filled as I’m writing this with dished, and the dinning room isn’t too bad thank goodness because I probably would have for sure lost my shit and told the hubs off in front of his brother.  I calmly walked up the steps to our room, shut the door and just cried.  I”m not a big crier but with these hormones and all crying is how I let anger and everything else out.  I cried for a good 10 to 15 minutes and then headed back down to hang with the boys.

Did I clean up the messes you wonder?  Hell no, when I leave today to go to work I’ll text him ever so nicely and give him a to do list of all the stuff that needs to be cleaned up before I come home.  Thank  you for listening to my rant, I feel so much better getting it off my chest.

How long does your house stay cleaned for?  Mine is a day if I’m lucky lol.

God Bless,



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