Baby Update

I survived my 2 1/2 weeks off with Robbie and family.  It was trying at times but thats to be expected considering it was a new routine for everyone but especially Robbie.

Well I was suppose to have my appoinment on Wednesday but due to the nasty weather that was falling onto the ground I found it best to reschedule which they were totally cool with.  By doing so I wasn’t able to have my normal OB saw someone else.  We discussed how I have been feeling since the last time I was seen and I was totally open and honest.  I had been feeling some contractions here and there when I have been too active and need to sit then for about a good two hours and they go away.  With telling her all that and stuff she felt like I was in the clear to go back to work but she gave me a restriction of no lifting of a child or children who why more then 25 pounds which is what most 2 year olds weigh.   I also have to be aware of how my body is feeling and if I’m having any contractions and if so I have to possibly stop working AGAIN.

I feel good about going back to work but I also really enjoyed staying home and being able to stay on top of all the house work and spending some quality time with Robbie before the baby comes.  I need to spend some quality time with Dominic but its so hard to do when Robbie is around but I will figure something out before baby comes hopefully.

Baby has been doing great, moving up a storm all day and night.  She barley rests in their and her heart beat was 140/150 today so thats good.  I wasn’t able to see her on the hand held ultra sound device today because the OB didn’t show me which I thought was strange.  At first I thought the device wasn’t working but that wasn’t the case, she just didn’t show me.  I never had an OB do that before, granted I only have two other OB’s thus far in having children but it kind of made me sad.  Good thing I don’t have again for any other appointment.  Ugh it just dawned on me, wouldn’t it be horrible if she was the doctor on call if I were to go into labor before my induction?  I think I would for sure cry.  I know that sounds kind of mean but I really LIKE my current OB and have become attached to her lol.  My other OB who had delivered both boys was pretty awesome and right after I had Robbie she moved out of state.  I cried, I blame that on hormones.

We are slowly getting our ducks in a row at home with getting some last minute baby stuff and getting the nursing slowly set in stone.  Its a lot of work but needs to be done ASAP.  We have a swing that needs to be set up, pack & play, car seat in the car, and pack the good old hospital bag.

I can’t for the life of me remember what I all packed the last two times I had babies or what I ended feeling was really needed compared to the stuff I had packed.  I blame this on mom brain and pregnancy brain.  I’m going to jump onto Pinterst and search around but PLEASE if you have any suggestions on things I should pack please leave a comment below.  I would love any help.  Thank You

~God Bless



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