The Great Snack Hole

I don’t know about you moms and dads but dang can my boys eat snacks.  I feel like we

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buy lots of snacks when we go grocery shopping like granola bars, grapes, apples, a couple of boxes of crackers, breakfast bars, energy balls, and the list goes on and by the end of week one boom they are gone.  Or they are so over what is left like grapes or apples they go into melt mold and through a HUGE fit.  I’m going to be honest here, the energy balls are so good that Tim and I eat them before they boys know they are around or we just don’t tell them about it.  Hahaha.  I know great parenting but some times you need something for your self that doesn’t involved going to their “treat bucket” and eating the candy.  The treat bucket is filled with candy from Halloween, like to the brim. (picture of energy balls from Pinterest)

It probably hasn’t helped that Robbie and I have been home for almost two weeks now and he’s at that stage were snacks are his jam and meals are not.  We still encourage him to sit and try every meal but shortly after we are done like maybe an hour later he is HUNGARY.  Dominic on the other hand is finally at the stage were he will eat every meal even if it’s something he doesn’t like he will blow right through it.  He too an hour after dinner will ask for a snack and we have them wait at least hour and half and then we will give a snack and encourage them to drink at least 3 swallows of water.

My goal with snacks is to try and steer away from the boxed snacks like granola bars, crackers, pop tarts (yes pop tarts, they are my hubs favorite thing), others and try to encourage more fruits and veggies or homemade snacks like the granola or granola bars.  I know some boxed snacks aren’t going to hurt them, they are just filled with lots of sugar and some ingredients that aren’t necessarily good for you.

What is your and your child(rens) favorite go to snacks?  Please share in the comments!

God Bless



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