All Moved In

Man it feel great to be back and hammering out some blog posts.  I have missed this so much and know this is something I need to do regularly to help keep me balanced.  Now that the house is pretty much unpacked for the most part and as we keep adjusting to new changes and this lifestyle I will hopefully continue to have extra time to write.  Thank you for being so patient.

The last two months have been slightly rough with all the unpacking, growing a baby, and the first day of school happening.  I am proud to say we survived and are going strong in November.  There are no longer boxes laying around the entire house minus a few in the babies room and the upstairs bathroom that needs some work.  I honestly can not wait tell that bathroom is completed and I don’t have to walk all the way down stairs at 9 months prego to pee or take a toddler potty.

This house is soooo beautiful and full of so much family history which I love but dang its SO BIG and hard to keep up with especially with two boys running around all over with a poop ton of toys.  We do have a play however; and the younger son will sit an play for hours in their as long as he knows your near by.  My older son is still adjusting to having a play room and knowing that we are close.  He has been used to playing in the same room that the hubs or I are in.  I have faith he will get their and will be able to play in their without anyone needing to be in the same or next door.

Its been a hard adjustment to have neighbors that are a few miles away on both sides of the house and in between us are fields of corn or farms but nice at the same time.  In town we had neighbors that were so close I knew when they left for work and returned from work, I know that sounds creepy but its true.   You end up picking up on your neighbors schedules in a small town and if you have lived their for a good length of time like we did, almost ten years.  I really enjoy the privacy and we don’t have to worry about the kids so much being outside by their self while you run to the rest room or grab someone a snack.  We are no longer right smack next to a road or a busy road at that.  They have five archers to play with and they are in HEAVEN, there has been less fighting too which is awesome sauce.

God Bless





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