WOW Its Been Awhile!

WOW!! Time has sure flown by and I realized that it has been 6 months since the last time I had posted in my blog and boy does it feel good to be back at it again.  So, what’s new with me?  Well, let me give you an update.  Dominic is now 2 1/2 years old and truly full of life.  There is never a dell moment around her unless he is sick, which thank God, doesn’t happen very often (knock on wood).  Timothy is still doing the same old same; he’s still working full time, going to school, and enjoying rode biking and running.  He is planning on doing the Fox Cities 1/2 Marathon in September.  Timothy and I found out at the end of February that we are expecting our second child.  Yes, you have read write, we are having another child.  He is due to arrive on November 4th, 2015!  So we have been doing a lot of planning, cleaning (kind of), and prepping for his arrival.  And, as for me, I have been busying working, growing a baby, raising Dominic, and battling ED.  I am proud to say, I can add another 6 months to my 4 year recovering.  Before I found out I was pregnant we had joined a gym to help get through winter and at some points I was starting to loose a little of the battle.  Sometimes I would become jealous of how certain women looked in the and how they worked out hard and I was only their for a max of 2 hour maybe 3/4 times a week.  I was trying to keep things under control and in MY control.  So, when we found out I was pregnant it was very easy for me to get back on the right track and to keep fighting this never ending fight.

There are a lot of BIG changes happening around our house hold this fall and i’m pretty excited but i’m not gonna lie, I’m also scared!  Timothy and I made the decision that I should be a stay at home mom with both boys due to not making any money with working and then having to pay for day care.  So, instead of being a part time stay at home mom like I am now, I will become a FULL time SHAM. I never thought I would be the women to become a stay at home mom but it make’s so much since to do that.  I would be working the 2 days to only pay for child care and then some.  So, my last day working at the Thompson Community Center facilitating the MindWorks will be August 26th,  Your probably wondering “Angela, you said baby isn’t due tell the first week of November, why is your last day August 26th?” Well, we chose that date because our current babysitter is going back to high school and we wanted to start saving money sooner.  Now that I think about it more, I realized that it will be nice to spend a month with Dominic and do things as a family the 3 of us before babies arrival.  At least that is what a lady who I work with pointed that out to me.  So, I’m rolling with that too.  I will also be able to hopefully establish a good daily routine with Dominic too before baby comes but one can only wait to see.

Also, another BIG change that is gong to happen is no more disposable diapers!  We are going to start cloth diapers on Dominic come September 1st and then also use them on baby.  I know, I know some of you are wondering why but we will be saving money in the long run and their will be less diapers in land fills which makes me feel pretty good.  Don’t get me wrong we will have some disposable diapers on hand for traveling or going to grandmas house to spend the night so she wouldn’t have to deal with it.  So, instead of buying 1 box of diapers for baby, 1 box for Dominic, and then another box of night time diapers for Dominic, I’ll be washing them on a daily biases which is fine with me seeing how I do laundry anyway.

Well that’s all for now fokes.  Take care and God Bless!!!



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